Plan of action? Meeting?

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Re : Plan of action? Meeting?

Post by timelessbeauty » Sun Mar 27, 2005 07:16 am

OK, Sorry February didn't work out. My husband had knee surgery and both kids were sick so it's been an event within itself.

I have sent out an email to the addresses I have listed on my PF list. I have plenty to support a garage sale where proceeds would benefit the PF organization. I also crochet like a mad woman and sew, so we could think about entering a craft fair. Many churches and schools have craft fairs in the fall and that gives us time to work on items that would be great sellers! Who wouldn't buy that pretty baby blankie knowing the money they spent went to help another child/baby/pregnant mom?

Granted trying to meet the schedule with the rest of the nation for large events hasn't been possible. Racetrack has event going on May 7th which would rule out the perfect place to hold our Walk-a-thon, and last November's Max and Erma's event would have been cutting it close for planning. I do know many family and friends that would turn out for such an event! And I have an idea of who to contact at various places to help get the word out. I just need to show up at the local hair salon after the baby is born for a nice hairdo and show up on local tv for a promotion! hehehe Naturally it all needs to be cleared before I get anything like that worked up.

Please, post here or send me an email regarding ideas and who is able to help with organization of such events. I live in a condo behind a Walmart and my roads receive little traffic. I am also reduced to one car these days, so traveling might be tight but I can see what I can do! I'm going to work on getting brochures for the hospitals and doctors' offices I have already talked to.

2005 is the time to come alive and support PF. My new motto. Hehehe

As far as crafters, I'll take talented and non talented alike! I can sew and crochet. Plastic canvas is a fun hobby as well. I know a bit about knitting, also. I could use people to cut fabric, stuff hypoallergenic fiberfill, iron patterns, simply sew on arms and legs for crocheted stuffed animals or help me price items once completed. Other tasks may be just to call a location regarding how to sign up for a craft fair, or sit and take the money. Maybe even help with "marketing" the product. lol

Well, that is just for the craft fair idea. I'll take help in any other form as well. Even if it's just an idea! I'll sign off here. HAPPY EASTER!

Indiana Chapter Coordinator

DD Amber 10/94 w/PE
DS Benjamin 10/02 w/ severe PE and HELLP (stillborn)
DD Kyra 11/03 w/o PE YEAH! (took heparin shots, BP meds,baby aspirin, Vit C, Vit E, and Calcium)
Due May 15,2005 with Christian Edward ... feeling like I could go any day now .. but patiently waiting! :-)

Re : Plan of action? Meeting?

Post by timelessbeauty » Fri Dec 10, 2004 09:09 am

I would like to see about having a meeting around February 2005. I should have some funds available to me by then and my car fixed. [:p]

If you would like to post pone the meeting to another time when you think Indiana wouldn't have so much snow, voice that option here.

I have two hospitals and two doctors offices who are more than willing to help us with our campaign to get the word out on Pre-eclampsia. Waiting to get the word GO on the brochures.

I know quite a few people in central Indiana who would be interested in coming to a dinner function to help support the cause.

Who in the group has a talent they could share with our chapter?


Plan of action? Meeting?

Post by timelessbeauty » Thu Dec 02, 2004 12:56 am

I live just outside of Indianapolis proper on the west side. I am looking for ideas of where to meet and what we want to do to increase awareness of Pre-eclampsia as well as funding for research.

I crochet and have made baby blankies for friends and family. I am willing to start up something creative in that aspect to help generate funds for our foundation.

I am willing to look at other opportunities in my area to help generate funds. Max and Erma's is one thought but we have other restaurants in the area that do the same thing. Now I know not all regions of Indiana have the same restaurants but maybe we could each host an event in our areas?

I've only had a few people respond to my emails. I've noticed a bigger response in reading my posts here so I will aim to put information here and on email.

I don't have much money after losing my son two years ago and accumulating more medical bills while having a healthy baby in November 2003. I cannot say I could pay for a hotel bill to travel to another town for a meeting myself and am reluctant to ask those of you out there if you would be willing to do that to meet near here. I would want to graph out a meeting and agenda to make sure the meeting was worth while before we met.

What kinds of things would you like to see happen with the Indiana Chapter?

I have given out the name of my specialist to help others get recommendations or see him for help. What kind of resources could we pull together to help each other here in Indiana?

Please voice your ideas here. I would love to hear from you!