SC Group Coordinator Introduction....

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Re : SC Group Coordinator Introduction....

Post by lorelei » Tue Aug 09, 2005 07:42 pm

That's too cool! Yep, Dalton will be one tomorrow...I am so sad my baby is growing up...I mean, I know that's what he's supposed to do but still...We went to Anderson today and got him some shoes since he's trying to walk. My oldest will be 4 on September 27...

Re : SC Group Coordinator Introduction....

Post by jenandtheboys » Mon Aug 08, 2005 11:02 pm

Hi, Lori. Congrats on the new "job" and we appreciate your coordinating things for us. BTW--I just noticed that one of your boys and one of my boys have the same birthday![:)] My Andrew will be 4 this Wednesday (born 8/10/01). Hard to believe he is in K4 now, started today! Anyway, just thought I'd share that tidbit with you.

SC Group Coordinator Introduction....

Post by lorelei » Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:10 pm

Hi fellow South Carolinians!! Most of you know me already but I need to do my official annoucnement. My name is Lori Land and I am the new SC GC. I am married to Joey and we have two sons, Hunter who will be 4 in September, and Dalton who will turn one this Wednesday. We live in Seneca, SC, which is very near to Clemson (Clemson University..Clemson Tiger Football).

My round with preeclampsia started the latter part of June 2001. Joey and I had gone to visit his mother one Sunday and while we were there his sister's little girl started throwing up. The next day I woke up w/upper right abdominal pain and was very nauseas and just overall yuck feeling. We of course figured it was just a touch of the virus. I felt this way the entire week. I had been having bouts with swelling on and off for a couple of weeks and had called the ob and they said that as long as it went away at night probably no need for concern. For the most part mine would be much better by morning..but I'd swell as soon as I got on my feet...Anyway, so I had felt sick for a whole week and by the end of the week we had determined that it must be the prenatal vitamins making me feel bad..LOL!! That Saturday our neighborhood was having a 4th of July cookout and my parents came up for it. The first thing my mom said to me was "your face is huge!!". Thanks mom! Of course looking back in pics now it was swollen under my eyes and across my nose. All I can say is by the grace of God I had a regular ob visit scheduled for that Monday (a full week after I first began feeling ill) and they dipped my urine and the nurse didn't say anything and then when she did a bp check it was in the 140/90 range. I later found out my urine was testing 3+ for protein. The ob came in to see me and poked my shin and about 3 hours later you could still see his finger poke in it! I was put in the hospital for monitoring and bloodwork...We of course were told the chances of delivering a baby at 24 weeks. Somehow over the course of 48 hours things slowly began to improve and I was sent home. One day turned into another and I spent 13 long weeks on home and hospital bedrest. I delivered Hunter the first day of my 37th week. The day before I delivered my bp shot up and the lowest it came down to was 180/120 and I was put on the mag, etc. I remember very little about his delivery and birth..or even the day after delivery. I was on mag for 48 hours. My blood pressure came down to normal after about 6 months.

I found this website after returning to work after Hunter's birth. I've lurked around here for 3 years and finally started posting this summer.

Dalton was our ooops baby...I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant with him. At 12 weeks I was put on aspirin and Aldomet to try to keep things under control. I was monitored much more closely by my dr's sometimes seeing them 3 times a week. I made it again to the first day of my 37th week before delivery. They had increased the Aldomet but bp just could not be controlled. I was able to avoid mag w/his delivery! YAY!

I was very prepared for my pregnancy with Hunter. Knew every sign to watch for...bleeding, cramping, pressure, etc but never knew that nausea, upper right sided pain, along with the swelling I'd been having were anything to be alarmed at. I mean, even when they diagnosed me I didn't know how serious it could be. I found this website and "met" so many women who were just like me, but some of them had to bury a baby. It just breaks my heart. Four years later I still find myself wondering if I hadn't of had that ob appointment that Monday would my son be here today...I am glad that I didn't have to find that out. I was clueless to what preeclampia was and what it could do to a mother and a baby, or a family.

My hopes are to get the word out to women in my area and let them know that preeclampsia does happen and things they should be aware of.

I look so forward to getting to know all of you!!

This is such a great group of women here!