Who's sick of shoveling?

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Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by denise » Mon Feb 23, 637970 2:40 pm

I'm just hoping to make it there. ;) Parking is something I'll worry about when I get there.

Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by kara » Mon Feb 23, 637970 9:48 am

You'll all have to park in my driveway or across the street in the church parking lot, since the piles of snow are several feet high along the street!

Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by denise » Mon Feb 23, 637970 4:39 am

We are sick of it already too. Of course we got about half the snow as you ladies. We ended up with about 10inched with another 1-2 expected today. And did you hear about the storm that is supposed to bring more snow Thurs & Fri? It better be cleared up on Sat!!!

Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by kara » Fri Feb 13, 637970 5:45 am

I went out in the sleet/snow last night and picked up the essentials...which includes the multi-color goldfish crackers! HA! We took Avery out in her snow suit (with little plastic sandwich bags rubberbanded over her feet, to keep them dry! It's her "first" big snow. She was too little last year. She thought it was just great! She was trying to eat it! But I am sick of it, and I know DH is tired of shoveling!

Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by mom2tori » Thu Feb 12, 637970 6:10 am

Is it ever going to stop! I feel like I am in the artic or something...yes I am dramatic;)I hope it clears up soon we are running low on milk and out of eggs...

Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by kara » Sun Feb 01, 637970 6:18 pm

We had about 10 today, but it has been starting to get nasty, and we are supposed to get another 13 tonight. The roads weren'tbad today, but this evening has been treacherous with blowing snow. They get to the main roads pretty quickly in town. Not sure how the trip here will be tho!

We even had some lightening tonight...very odd sight!

Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by denise » Sun Feb 01, 637970 1:35 am

SO how much do you have now? Jason was talking about attempting to come to Madison for the fishing expo, but when I told him that area was expecting 12-15inches he said maybe not. ;) We are looking at 5-10 up here I guess.

Re : Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by kara » Sat Jan 31, 637970 8:04 pm

And we're supposed to get 13 more inches tonight! And more on Sunday! YIKES! I'm out working today, but cancelled my appointments for tomorrow! I'll spend tomorrow cleaning the house for our meeting on the 3rd!

Who's sick of shoveling?

Post by mom2tori » Sat Jan 31, 637970 1:55 pm

I was not prepared for this snow storm! After the nice weather we had this past week this snow is a shock. How is everyone passing the day with all this snow?

We are indoors. Watching movies, playing candyland for the 50th time, coloring and doing housework inbetween. Victoria would love to play outside but my husband is plowing so there is no one to sit in the house with Savanna so Victoria is stuck inside with me[:p] not her favorite thing to do when there is fresh snow on the ground. We will probably make some cookies from her cookie dough fundraiser from school..that should keep her happy for a while.