Emotional turmoil and reactive blood pressure

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Re: Emotional turmoil and reactive blood pressure

Post by Nadenet1229 » Mon Jun 27, 2011 09:23 pm

Thank you, I think the stress and constant back pain for the last week did me in. It helps to know that its not all in my head and someone else has experienced stress related elevations like this. I mean I knew it would rise due to stress, but I hadn't realized it could get that high just from stress. That is a relief.

Re: Emotional turmoil and reactive blood pressure

Post by flori » Mon Jun 27, 2011 01:36 pm

First, I am so sorry for the loss of your son. It's such a terrible thing to have to go through and the fact that you're experiencing so much other stressful stuff right now must be so hard. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

I absolutely think that your higher blood pressures are stress related. Two years ago I was promoted to a new position at work and the added stress of a new title along with the hour long commute each way wreaked havoc on my bp. I would wake up in the morning and have pressures of 160/100. I also suffered from constant migraines. After a year of there I transferred to a closer location and to another position and the migraines stopped and my bp normalized.

You are going through so much! I hope that you are able to find the time you need to reconnect with your husband and grieve the loss of your son. (((HUGS)))

Emotional turmoil and reactive blood pressure

Post by Nadenet1229 » Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:23 pm

My doctor and I came to the conclusion a little over a year ago that my blood pressure is greatly affected by emotions. I was under high stress and my blood pressure stayed constantly elevated. Quit the job, blood pressure was normal again so I stopped taking low dose meds for it. I was induced due to severe PE and HELLP when I was only 22 weeks along. Since then I was on two medicines to try and keep my blood pressure down. Well, for about 3 weeks my blood pressure ran still elevated and the two meds were necessary, by week 4 post partum my my blood pressure was reading much much lower and I was extremely exhausted all the time. My doctor decided we would start cutting back medicines. I cut out the second medicine first, and my pressures read fine. I cut out the second dose of my Benazepril 10mg a day and I was still reading just fine. I even had days where I forgot to take any medicine at all and my pressures still read 110-125 / 78-82. My GP and OB were amazed at how fast I was recovering because of how sick I had gotten before. Well, last Sunday my sister had a meltdown and took a knife to her arm. It was later acknowledged that she was not actually trying to kill herself, as the wound really wasnt much of a wound, she was dragging the tip of the blade across her skin while arguing with her husband and, him being a cop, he reacted and handcuffed her and called the police. THe only place that blood came was when he attempted to pull the knife away he initially ended up causing her to knick herself. Needless to say I was highly upset. I stayed with her in the ER and they transferred her to a behavioral hospital where she is still currently staying. My sister and I both experienced sexual trauma and both physical and verbal abuse as a child. Two parents who were forced to get married due to a pregnancy, and my father turned out to be a child molester. My sister got the worst of it over the both of us, as she always felt that she was an unwanted child. When my father turned his perverted sites on me I told my mother after the first incident because I was trying to save my sister. Now here we are about 15 years later and its all catchign up to her. She had counseling when she was younger but my sister never really dealt with what happened, she just survived it. She can get extremely mean, and there were times when my two neices where young that she would threaten to never let me see them again if I made her mad, which was often as she was angry just because I didnt come to her house for 2 days. She was finally starting to get more help and the relationship between her and I was getting better, we were even able to somewhat argue without her flying off the handle. Then this happens. Well, her husband and I have been toting there kids back and forth between their house and mine. Since her husband is a cop he has to work a lot of hours, and long hours at weird times. The two girls didnt know their mom was in the hospital, they thought she was just visiting a friend out of town. I spent this last week not really sleeping, running around getting facility approved clothing and items for my sister, helping take care of my nieces, and still trying to get through my own loss. To top it off, my brother-in-law had no one to talk to since she asked him not to tell anyone about her blow up, so I am his support system, I'm her shoulder to lean on, my husband needs me as his support, my nieces are always asking about where their mom is, and I ended up hurting my back really bad. All in one week.

So my blood pressure started to creep up. It got to 137/92 so I started taking my 10mg doses once a day again. Had an appointment with my GP and she said that due to all the emotional upset that I am going through, she is surprised that my bp hasn't read higher. She told me to stay on my meds atleast until my sister is out of the hospital and when I'm not dealing with so much. Well, cut to yesterday, I guess between the just upset with my sister's situation, hearing my brother in law talk about how they were already discussing divorce before this happened, we told my nieces that my sister was in the hospital but not why, and my back hurting so bad that I can't walk straight for the last few days, my blood pressure read 138/106. It looked weird to me so I sat and took it again and another 7 times, but everytime my bottom number was always over 102. So I took both kinds of the medicines that I was on before to get my pressure down. And again today, for my nieces birthday party (another reason my sister has been so upset since she couldnt be there for her daughter's birthday) I took my bp before hand and it came up 150/99. So I took my meds again. Here it is 10 hours later and my bp was reading 135/95.

I'm hoping that this is all just a reaction to my week. My sister is coming home on Tuesday, I think she really needed this week to start to deal with her issues. She didnt have anyone to fight with or distract herself with so she had no choice to but think about herself. She bounces back and forth between moods. They say she has post tramautic stress syndrome and OCD, they put her on mood stabilizers that seem to be helping. My husband came with me to visit her and he had her laughing the entire visit. He is the only person I know that she hasn't fought with as he is never really around her long enough to tick her off. So that made me feel a little better. Tonight is the first night I haven't had my two nieces as they are staying with their. I wish my husband was off of work tonight so I could try and connect with him better. I noticed he has been quiet and I don't want him to distance himself, and at the same time I know my sister will need me when she gets home especially if she and her husband start to fight again. Then, theres my pain, and my missing my son, and my need to have my time to think about him.

Tell me, do you girls think that its possible that all of this is making my bp rise so high?