I'm still confused

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Re : I'm still confused

Post by jean » Sat Oct 16, 2010 01:42 pm

So it could be either way? Oh no...now I'm starting to worry/get depressed. :(

Re : I'm still confused

Post by riehlism » Sat Oct 16, 2010 01:05 pm

As I understand it, there is no proven etiology for preeclampsia and HELLP. So far, there have only been strong correlations based on studies and as we know, correlations don't equate to fact or cause and effect. So one theory is poor implantation that can cause improper development of the blood vessels between mom and baby. The placenta is therefore will have less blood supply. It gets angry and sends off crazy hormomes in mom's body, as a way of demanding more blood (thus the increase in BP).

This hormonal fight between placenta and mom is what they may be considering the immune response.

The typical allergies we have are based on antigen (foreign bodies) vs our immune system.

There is also a theory (which may be related to the above scenario), that as the placenta starts to change it's relationship with mom and sending off "bad" hormones, mom thinks this is an antigen and the war begins.

Again, this is my understanding of the whole thing.

I'm still confused

Post by jean » Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:53 am

I wrote some posts on allergies before, but I'm still confused.
I've read on here that HELLP happens because of a shallowly implanted placenta. But I've also read that HELLP happens because of an immune response to the placenta.
With me being a person with allergies, when I have an allergy and am exposed to the allergen, with each exposure I seem to get a worse immune response. Does that mean if I had a 2nd baby my body would have a worse immune response?
I know that my spiral arteries will be a little bigger the 2nd time around, so that would help with implantation a bit. But as far as an immune respose...I just don't know. (Unless the immune response happens because of the shallowly planted placenta. If it happens just because there's a placenta there in general I would think I could be in trouble?)