Fellow WAT Planners!!!

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Re : Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by cindyh27 » Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:58 am


I'm glad you recruited some help... I didn't realize how much work the 'planning' stage is... I've recruited all my family to help out and some friends... they didn't have a choice to say no *giggle*... my girlfriend's daughter is on the track team... so they are on my list for recruitment also!

Good luck with your planning :) Hope it goes smoothly!

Re : Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by misscoleyp » Mon Jan 28, 2008 08:15 pm

Well, I am working on all the paperwork for the location. I did decide to go with the location closer to me. Also recruited someone to help with fundraising. Next week I am going to the Lady Elks meeting to ask for their help.

Re : Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by cindyh27 » Sun Jan 27, 2008 02:28 pm

oh, I forgot to mention... I'm going to be hitting up the PTA too... inspired by you Nicole! Thanks for mentioning women and Elks!

Re : Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by cindyh27 » Sun Jan 27, 2008 02:27 pm

That's a great idea about the CME fliers... I'll be sure to take them with me...

Hope you got news back about the pavillion... $50 is not bad for 4 hours... good luck!

Re : Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by misscoleyp » Thu Jan 17, 2008 08:35 pm

Make sure that when you talk to hospitals to send them the CME flier. I did that today and got great response from my HR friend. She is so use to sending me Angel Teddy Bear requests that she doesn't realize my NPO passion is the PF. Now I can back to her and say oh, by the way!

On the fraternal organizations, most also have a ladies group. My husband is an Elk, so I am a Lady Elk. There is a lot less politics with the ladies. They just get it done and they LOVE to help. Then men... don't get me started.

I am waiting on a call back from the Special Events Planner for the Parks Dept. Hopefully she will call me tomorrow. They did tell me it was only $50 to rent the pavillion for 4 hours.

Re : Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by cindyh27 » Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:10 am


Thanks for the tips! I can use all the ones I can get :) I love the pizza box idea too... and we know one of the managers at a local pizza shop... so I'm thinking I'll be using that idea.

I thought abut hosting a WAT in SLC, dreaming BIG... but then decided it would be best just to have a local WAT first...just to get my feet wet, kwim *grin* We are in a small town... but I have to start somewhere…

I was kinda bummed when I mentioned our WAT to one of my friends... and she told me she had already committed to the 'Race for a Cure' Breast Cancer Awareness 5K the same day :( I hope that doesn't affect our turn out... I'm guessing between 20 to 50 people? Hopefully!

On the budget I think we'll be using $250 for T-shirt & $150 for Brochures... fingers crossed! I think the first time is always the hardest… you just don’t know.

Keep me posted on how you’re doing… since we are both ‘first timers’ :)

Re : Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by kara » Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:47 pm

I say keep it simple and be close to home and where you have support for your first one. Last year we had it in a neighborhood. This year we are taking it a little closer to downtown Madison. It's totally fine to work up to where you want to be! And having hospital support is SO good! And thanks for the tips on the other organizations that might be interested in being involved!

Fellow WAT Planners!!!

Post by misscoleyp » Wed Jan 16, 2008 09:47 pm

This is my first year planning a walk and I just want to bounce some ideas off of others.

I know that the sponsorship levels aren't due for a few more weeks, but I was just interested in what other sites are doing. I saw the 2 examples from the CD, but can't make up my mind.

As hard as it is, I am taking Tom and Kathy's advise to heart. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Man, that is hard. Dallas-Ft.Worth is such a large area, but I have decided to pick a location closer to me (Denton). Does that sound horrible? I am so afraid of people flaking out that I don't want to be so far away that it isn't successful because I am stretched too thin. Then next year after having a successful WAT move it more towards town. Maybe in 5 years, we will be in downtown Dallas!

I have good connections with both of the hospitals in Denton. Plus I know the HR director of another hospital group in Dallas and my mom is friend's with a NICU nurse at a children's hospital in Dallas. So I think I can for sure get their support.

I loved John's idea last night of having the brochures on the pizza boxes.

And the Kiwanis club. Don't forget the Lions, KC, Elks, American Legion, VFW and Masons. Local Boy Scout troops are always looking for volunteer hours too.