Aspirin during pregnancy???

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Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by ramatalwadker » Thu Sep 10, 639896 2:23 pm

hi every1, am from India, lost first baby due to PE at 26 wks, now expecting again 15 wks pregnant. Since a positive home test I've been put on LDA,argine, folic,cal,mag,zinc nmultivitamins, m on bedrest due to cervical cerclage n also taking daily injections called lonopin although I have negative reports of anticoagulents, lupus etc.
hope we get our baby this time.
all the best to all of you who are in the same boat as me

Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by sam10 » Thu Jan 16, 639890 6:32 am

Hello and welcome. And congratulations on your new pregnancy. Most of us around here are taking aspirin in subsequent pregnancies. It seems to be the standard protocol for women who had PE in a previous pregnancy. However, please always follow your doctor's recommendations. There might be specific reasons why you should or should not be taking any specific medications.
Let us know how it goes :D

Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by bsherricca » Sat Nov 30, 639889 1:41 am

i am also 6 weeks and my doc has had me on low dose aspirin since ttc . he also added low dose heparin sots and told me to continue with the aspirin far so goo fx for a smooth pregnancy

Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by angieb » Wed Aug 04, 639886 2:09 am

I took it from the time I got a positive test until about 34-35 weeks, for both of my relatively healthy pregnancies. Our boys are 2 and 8 months and seem to be just fine. :)

Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by sarahkm » Tue Aug 03, 639886 10:50 pm

I'm another one who has been on low dose aspirin since the beginning of this pregnancy and am doing really well at 34 weeks! I will stop taking it at 36 weeks also.

Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by kelbel2699 » Sun Feb 10, 639884 8:32 pm

Thanks for the relief! I am only 6 weeks and wanted to be sure. My doctor is fantastic and I am sure she knows whats best, but we just wanted the best for our little one. We have our first ultrasound next week just in time for the fourth of July and are so excited to see the little bean :)

Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by Shannonlynn » Tue Jan 08, 639884 4:05 am

I started taking LDA when I was ttc and took it until week 36. My son is a healthy, happy ten month old. You will be fine. Don't fret, just take it easy and enjoy your pregnancy.

Re: Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by princess purr » Wed Dec 05, 639883 6:35 am

A LOT of people are on low does aspirin when pregnant. It is considered safe, so try not to worry about that part of it!

Aspirin during pregnancy???

Post by kelbel2699 » Mon Dec 03, 639883 2:28 pm

My first baby was delivered via emergency C-section at 31 weeks due to PE and HELLP syndrome in December of 2009. We are pregannt with our second child and I am really terrified that we will have to go through that again. I am being very cautious about evrything and trying to be as healthy as I can. My doctor has me on aspirin, prenatal vitamins, extra calcium, and plenty of rest this time around to help prevent it if at all possible. I am a little uneasy about the aspirin. I just dont want it to have any effects on the baby. Has anyone taken this while pregnant? I have been looking for something to ease my mind on the whole situation. We are just wanting a safe and healthy pregnancy this time around.