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by shellysmomdad
Thu Dec 08, 638929 4:36 am
Forum: Colorado
Topic: Need some assistance
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Need some assistance

I have a relative in the Denver area who is pregnant (1st pregnancy) with twins. She is looking for a high-risk OB. Any advice and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

by shellysmomdad
Wed Jun 09, 638923 3:15 am
Forum: Grief and Loss
Topic: Family needs moral support
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Family needs moral support

<t>Everyone,<br/> I've been corresponding with a local Iowa family. She had severe preeclampsia with her now 1-year old (don't know gender). Due to her complications, their child is experiencing kidney failure, and has been in hospital going on week 6. If anyone from the forum community would like t...
by shellysmomdad
Sat Sep 28, 638920 7:41 am
Forum: Iowa
Topic: Preeclampsia Walk in Central Iowa
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Re : Preeclampsia Walk in Central Iowa

The dates and locations are set.
The 6th Annual Promise Walk will be held May 8, at 9am, at Brady St. Stadium in Davenport.
The inaugural Promise Walk in Ames will be held May 15, at 9am, at Brookside Park.
by shellysmomdad
Sat Jun 12, 638917 8:21 pm
Forum: Iowa
Topic: Preeclampsia Walk in Central Iowa
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Preeclampsia Walk in Central Iowa

<t>Everyone,<br/> In addition to our 6th Annual Promise Walk for Preeclampsia (new title) in Davenport, we are also in the process of organizing a NEW Walk in Central Iowa, most likely in the Ames area (Shelly was a Iowa State grad). Anyone interested in helping organize this event, please contact m...
by shellysmomdad
Wed Nov 09, 638603 1:57 pm
Forum: Raising Awareness and Fundraising--Idea Exchange
Topic: Trivia Night / results :)
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Trivia Night / results :)

<t>Everyone,<br/> Thought I'd share the results from our Trivia Night.<br/> It was FANTASTIC!!!<br/> 34 tables (8 people per table) of trivia players. <br/> $350 from the bake sale.<br/> The total for the first 50/50 drawing was $700, half of that going to the lucky winner. The winner donated back h...
by shellysmomdad
Mon Oct 13, 638600 3:25 am
Forum: Misc
Topic: Remembering Shelly
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Remembering Shelly

<r>In honor/memory of our daughter Shelly, I wanted to share this with everyone.<br/> Shelly's longtime friend and her sister have started a blog. They have challenged theirselves to do something each week to better their lives. For each week they fail to accomplish this, a donation is made to the P...
by shellysmomdad
Fri Jul 23, 638315 6:13 am
Forum: Raising Awareness and Fundraising--Idea Exchange
Topic: A Nice Surprise with Nice Results
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A Nice Surprise with Nice Results

<t>Hi Everyone,<br/> Just want to share a story that had positive results for the PF.<br/> Got a call (totally unexpected) yesterday morning from one of Shelly's cousins. Seems her and her daughters got the urge to bake earlier in the week, so they baked a variety of items for the "sweet tooth", and...
by shellysmomdad
Sun Feb 14, 638309 8:22 am
Forum: Conferences
Topic: Saving Grace: Reports back
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Re : Saving Grace: Reports back

<t>It was a powerful & emotional evening. To the moderators that I was able to meet, it was an honor & privilege.<br/> Congrats to Eleni and her "crew" for a flawless event!<br/> And YES, SG '09 is coming to Chicago (Jill Siegel is chair)!<br/> Thank You to all who were able to attend!<br/> ...
by shellysmomdad
Fri Jan 19, 638306 9:20 am
Forum: Iowa
Topic: Iowa volunteer groups?
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Re : Iowa volunteer groups?

<t>Hello Teri,<br/> Sorry to hear of your daughter's experience, but thankful to know that her and your granddaughter are survivors.<br/> I do have contacts in the Des Moines area. Please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss at greater length.<br/> Meanwhile, we wish you, daughter, and grandd...
by shellysmomdad
Tue Oct 17, 638305 3:54 am
Forum: Conferences
Topic: Saving Grace 2008: roll call and room share
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Re : Saving Grace 2008: roll call and room share

We look forward to meeting everyone in DC!

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