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by ckthomas05
Wed Dec 05, 638942 4:00 am
Forum: Parents of Preemies
Topic: Synagis Question
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Re : Synagis Question

BCBS approved my daughter for the second season.
by ckthomas05
Mon Jul 30, 638942 10:05 pm
Forum: Misc
Topic: Proud
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<t>My husbands 20 year old cousin is participating in a small local fair beauty pageant tonight. The interview portion was yesterday. She let me know after her interview that she had chosen preeclampsia awareness as her platform. In her interview she mentioned paricipating in the Promise Walk. She a...
by ckthomas05
Fri Dec 25, 638939 12:10 pm
Forum: HELLP Syndrome Survivors and Underlying Disorders
Topic: Ladies who have suffered with PE & HELLP...
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Re : Ladies who have suffered with PE & HELLP...

1st - PE & HELLP, emergency c-section at 33 weeks.
2nd - PE, c-section at 36 weeks. With #2 my OB wasn't taking any chances. Pressure was rising as well as protein. They took him with the anticipation that things would go down hill fast again.
They are 19 mos. apart.
by ckthomas05
Wed Mar 19, 638927 6:10 pm
Forum: After your baby is born .....
Topic: It's a Girl!!!
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Re : It's a Girl!!!

Congrats! Great birthdate! (it's my daughter's as well)
by ckthomas05
Wed Dec 01, 638923 11:15 am
Forum: Pregnant Again?
Topic: Looks like we're having a baby boom :)
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Re : Looks like we're having a baby boom :)

Congratulations, Beth!!! So, so happy for you and your family!
by ckthomas05
Tue Apr 13, 638923 12:17 pm
Forum: Pregnant Again?
Topic: 36 weeks on Friday
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Re : 36 weeks on Friday

by ckthomas05
Sun Feb 11, 638920 3:03 am
Forum: After your baby is born .....
Topic: Hypoallergenic formula brands
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Re : Hypoallergenic formula brands

Enfamil Nutramigin worked for DD and Similac Alimentum for DS.
by ckthomas05
Tue Sep 14, 638917 8:57 am
Forum: Announcements and Preeclampsia in the News
Topic: Duggar Preeclampsia Story
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Re : Duggar Preeclampsia Story

<r>The Duggars were on the Today Show this morning. A few facts about PE were presented.<br/> <br/> <URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... ?GT1=43001">
by ckthomas05
Wed Jun 02, 638917 4:53 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: need help understanding my wifes passing
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Re : need help understanding my wifes passing

I am sorry for your loss.

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