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by amandab
Fri Oct 24, 2003 01:00 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: So far so good...
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So far so good...

<t>I know how much I like to read updates on everyone so I thought I would let you all know how things are going so far.<br/> <br/> I had an ultrasound on Oct. 21st (Tuesday). We saw the sac, the little embryo, and the heartbeat!! It was such a relief! My BP in the office was 122/72. Pretty good for...
by amandab
Mon Sep 15, 2003 07:46 am
Forum: Ask the Experts
Topic: Baby aspirin/placental abruption
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Baby aspirin/placental abruption

<t>In April 2003, I was diagnosed with PIH at 27 weeks. Test results all came back negative, and my blood pressure going up and down and hyper reflexes were the only symptoms. At 29 weeks, I suffered a complete and quick placental abruption. Right before the emergency c-section, I was tested again a...
by amandab
Thu Aug 14, 2003 01:11 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Cholesterol and Preeclampsia
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Re : Cholesterol and Preeclampsia

<t>Very interesting! Based on my own cholesterol info, I have a feeling this could be a cause of PE for some but not others... just like the clotting disorders, etc.<br/> <br/> Here's what I know... My cholesterol has always been good. I've never been told an exact number, but the doctors always say...
by amandab
Fri Aug 01, 2003 07:31 pm
Forum: Pregnant Again?
Topic: Brewer Diet?
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Re : Brewer Diet?

<t>Anne,<br/> <br/> I really appreciate you taking the time to reiterate that one of the puposes of this board is to share opinions. I am a member of another board where the moderators shut down any topic that has gotten even the least bit heated. Every week there is at least one post from the moder...
by amandab
Thu Apr 24, 2003 06:36 am
Forum: Grief and Loss
Topic: In Memoriam
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Re : In Memoriam

In memory of:

Aidan Timothy Brandish
Born April 14, 2003 @ 8:44pm
Died April 14, 2003 @ 10:00pm

placental abruption due to preeclampsia @ 29 weeks gestation

Aidan Timothy b 4/14/03 at 29 wks (angel)

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