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by courageismyname
Sat Mar 12, 639560 5:22 pm
Forum: Share the Love
Topic: So Grateful For This Forum
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So Grateful For This Forum

Were it not for this forum, I never would have suspected that I had PE in my first pregnancy, and never have alerted my midwife. She still neglected to do all of the tests she should have and I ended up having an eclamptic seizure, but this forum has helped me so much in my healing journey. Now we a...
by courageismyname
Sat Mar 12, 639560 3:37 pm
Forum: Trying Again after Preeclampsia
Topic: TTC and irrational thoughts?
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Re: TTC and irrational thoughts?

This is the first time I have posted besides requesting MFM recs 6+ months ago...I just feel so inspired to, because I identify so much with these posts. I had an eclamptic seizure in labor with my son who was born at 42 weeks and 9 lbs 4 oz (BIG!) on 12/1/09...I had signs of PE beforehand, but they...
by courageismyname
Thu Jun 04, 639265 10:03 pm
Forum: New York
Topic: MFM recs in NYC
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MFM recs in NYC

Hi There, I'm new to the forum (as a poster- I found the forum even before I had my seizure!), and had eclampsia with my first child, a healthy son born at 42 weeks. He will be 2 on December 1st. I conceived again on our first try back in April of this year (2011), and miscarried at 5 weeks. We are ...

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