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by theartsymom
Fri Jul 24, 639243 10:12 pm
Forum: Pregnant Again?
Topic: 13 weeks and PE is Coming Back!!!!!!
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Re: 13 weeks and PE is Coming Back!!!!!!

Hugs! I had Pre- E with my first child, and we delivered at @ 31 weeks 7 days. With our second, we did LDA ( for my peace of mind, really) and extra folic acid( b/c of my blood clotting issue). My OB suggested Lovenox, but after talking to the Peri, we opted out. Our second was delivered @ 37w, 6d- ...
by theartsymom
Fri Sep 06, 638920 11:41 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Scared @@ updated again 2-23
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Re : Scared @@ updated again 2-23

Hugs! Hope to hear some news soon. I was where you are now, and it was stressful. We lasted 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital and delivered at 37.5. It was hard, but totally worth it. DS spent 2 days in the NICU and came home with me.
by theartsymom
Tue Jun 18, 638920 4:42 pm
Forum: Texas
Topic: 2010 Walk-A-Thon DFW
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Re : 2010 Walk-A-Thon DFW

Let me know what you need!
by theartsymom
Tue Jun 18, 638920 4:32 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: For those of you w/ preschool/school age PE kids
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Re : For those of you w/ preschool/school age PE kids

DD is 4 and she is miss personality. While she is not ADD, she is super verbal. Very active all the time. But her preschool teacher did have ADD/ADHD- and I learned the difference really quick, LOL.
by theartsymom
Wed Oct 20, 638917 11:47 am
Forum: Grief and Loss
Topic: The Duggars
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Re : The Duggars

<t>I watched and a good % of the show was about the little kids at home (with josh and anna) and the bigger kids went to El Salvador for a trip. The portion of the show about Michelle and the baby was tasteful. I was surprised that the camera crew was allowed the level of access it was, esp in the O...
by theartsymom
Thu Apr 30, 638635 2:50 pm
Forum: Misc
Topic: anyone know about PIP claims?
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anyone know about PIP claims?

if so. please message me - i need to ask some questions please ;)
by theartsymom
Fri Oct 31, 638628 11:05 am
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: BP 178/108 3+ prot. no plans
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Re : BP 178/108 3+ prot. no plans

<t>There is a long list of pre-e acquainted symptoms on the main page of the pre-e site. Can you print that out and take it to the ob and ask him why you do not fit the criteria (according to him)? I had terrible upper right quadrant pain with my first pregnancy. I did not know then what it was. Ple...
by theartsymom
Sat Sep 10, 638625 5:16 pm
Forum: Ask the Experienced
Topic: Please pray
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Re : Please pray

This just tears me up! I heard about all this from a mutual friend.
Today will be a rough day for them. More prayers going up.
by theartsymom
Wed Jul 27, 638625 11:23 am
Forum: After your baby is born .....
Topic: Albuterol inhaler tips & tricks?
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Re : Albuterol inhaler tips & tricks?

we used pulmicort in addition to the albuterol
there are also cool animal shaped masks- there is a dragon one, a fish and something else- we let dd chose the plain one or the animal one when she needs the nebulizer.
by theartsymom
Mon Jan 13, 638623 7:46 am
Forum: HELLP Syndrome Survivors and Underlying Disorders
Topic: labetelol side effects
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Re : labetelol side effects

it is also possible that your dose of labetalol is to high- check with your Dr.

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