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Re : Cool stuff from Shutterfly

Postby Dawn D » Thu Jan 03, 2008 09:20 pm

Thanks Christine, for sharing this idea. Cool stuff! Periodically we look into ideas such as this (calendars, christmas cards, etc) and evaluate cost, over-all feasibilty, member participation, conflict with other projects taking place within PF...etc.

For this particular idea, my quick research shows that in order to have a non-profit logo placed on these products, the organization must commit to $1000 minimum order, etc. - something PF is not in position to do at this time.

However, as I said, there are alternatives to this suggestion that are looked into now and again.

And although they don't have personal photos on them, anyone seeking products with the PF info/logo (magnets, t-shirts, mugs and much more) can visit cafepress...

Again, THANKS Christine - your devotion to spreading awareness in fun ways is appreciated!

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Cool stuff from Shutterfly

Postby alaskamommy » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:00 am

This year I went to town making mugs and calendars and posters, etc. with our different photos as Christmas gifts. They've added a lot of neat projects you can make, and for the most part they're really inexpensive. But I got to thinking that some of them could make awesome fundraisers for the PF. For example, you can make a collage poster for about $5 - and we could use some of the cute babies that seem to abound around here, plus the PF logo, signs & symptoms and maybe a calendar or something. They offer magents and notecards too - alhough they're a bit more spendy, but if you catch them when they're doing a sale it's pretty reasonable.

Anyway, they're at Just a thought.

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