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PR Input from a Pro

Postby jillmushet » Tue Mar 22, 2005 09:16 pm

Some notes on raising awareness:

Recently, AZ PF member, Martina Kaiser and I were fortunate enough to sit with our founder's brother, Tom Garrett, at his PR firm: inOneadvertising in Phoenix.

Martina and I were a bit fatigued from walk-a-thon preparations and looked forward to getting a pro's input.

Tom was terrific.[:)] He motivated us to call on reporters from all media. We learned to focus our attention to the reporters who want our story. i.e. health reporters, lifestyle, women's issues, comunity events, etc. Tom really caught our attention when he said, "Remember, reporters are regular people and they need you as much as you need them." With that, he handed us names of reporters who would be a good match for us.

Along with that shot in the arm, Tom suggested to us that even our best efforts will go unwanted.[B)] Oh well, accept rejection gracefully and keep plugging away. The reporter who is not interested before the walk-a-thon might be interseted to hear how it went. And there's always next year.[;)]

Tom also got us thinking big. "What is your dream for the walk-a-thon?" In ten years, we want it to be a major event that people look forward to. Okay. Who is going to help you get there? We began to brainstorm about partnering with a major hospital in Phoenix. Their name attached to a woman's and baby's health walk-a-thon is good for them. Their name is great for us![:D]

We all agreed that the most important thing for us to do this year is to do the walk. Period. Build momentum and reputation.

Tom made our little project feel like a big project. I'm grateful to Tom for focusing our attention on doing it right this year. All the while setting up future success.

A lot of this can be applied to other PF public work. Just think about what the PF has already accomplished. Enough small steps can take us anywhere! (Wow, Tom is in my head now!)

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