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Re : HELLP syndrome forum

Posted: Wed Mar 01, 637662 1:47 am
by fiona
Hi Nicole,

sorry to take so long to get back on this one. We recently had a forum reorganization - the boards were starting to get a little unwieldy and so we rationalized them, hopefully making them easier to navigate. Certain forums were merged with others - as in the case of HELLP with Underlying Disorders. I hope you're finding it useful now you've had time to get used to it.

HELLP syndrome forum

Posted: Fri May 30, 637659 1:04 am
by nborrayo
Hi all,
Just wondering why the HELLP forum was combined with another. It seemed to get a lot of traffic...Not trying to be nit-picky[:I] but of course I liked it being it's own entity.
Maybe I just need to get used to the new one [:)]
Thank you,