Do we have any experts on this site?

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Re : Do we have any experts on this site?

Postby laura » Wed May 21, 2008 09:57 pm

Hi Alka, thank you for your post! Unfortunately, it is illegal for doctors to "practice medicine" or give specific medical advice over the internet- so our doctors affiliated with the Foundation are limited to giving only general information about preeclampsia. I hope the information we have to offer as women who have often been in the same situation will be helpful to you! Best wishes.

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Do we have any experts on this site?

Postby shreya(alkajayant) » Wed May 21, 2008 09:48 pm

Dear All Members,

After lots of Infertility Treatment for several years, I was conceived and lost my angel at 26th week(Severe PE).

I am new to this wonderful site. Because of this site, I really got entire world and feeling like staying with huge family. And got right path to move towards the success.

I am not sure, Are there any experts, OBs or Complications of pregnancy advisors, also logs into this sites?

So that moms like me could get some immediate help, support or advise online while being pregnant.

Following are the reasons or concerns moms may ask to experts online.. who have already suffered and lost the angels or suffering from PE,or pregnant or desires to be pregnant after loss and may minimize baby loss and saves their lives from monster PE.
Some reasons are...

1.Because all the time all moms could not reach to OBS and not able to get immediate help....
2.Some moms Stays far and husband is on the job,
3.Obs are Busy and not picking phone.
4.Appointment date is far
5.Suddenly swollen. Anxiety or wrong eating habits
6.First time not able to count kikes of babies, lack of prenatal care
7 Sudden fever
8.Certain foods (may can risen BP)
9.stress job and not able to pay attention to pregnancy.
10.Missed to ask questions to OBS at the time of appointment.
11.suddenly Wt gain
12.Heart burn, Cramps, seizers ,heart trouble, rise in Blood pressure
14 Waiting for any report, Babies worries, concerns because of nuchal fold thickness, spina bifida (even if babies are good and not having any problem)
15.OBS not supportive OR is not able to give you time and you are facing so many issues or concerns.....
16. Those hospitalized and still not getting treated well, because of lack of medications or lack of experts and not able to take a decisions…
17 Not eating or drinking properly because of omitting

As journey of pregnancy is not period of short time. Its a matter of 9 months, huge period.. small mistakes may disturb entire life. Or may lost life.

Please let me know, so that we can all give our 100% with the help of each other and can do miracles and wonders....for making families and overcome PE.

Looking forward for your fruitful relationship.

Alka Uplekar (India) Age 33
mom to Shreya(still born 26wks+4 08/31/2007 PE)

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