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Re: Updated forum policies and guidelines August 2, 2012

Postby blythe » Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:54 am

Welcome to the Preeclampsia Foundation Community Forums! Please take a few minutes to read our community guidelines. They have been developed from years of experience and the guidance of many administrators and moderators who have come before in order to create the most supportive and informative online community possible. If you have any questions, please contact our Community Forum administrator: Heather dot Curtis at preeclampsia dot org.

First and foremost, we are a community devoted to understanding preeclampsia and supporting one another through the many facets of experiencing preeclampsia. Please be gentle with one another; we’re all fighting the same disease. Remember that many of us are grieving, may be in the midst of a complicated first pregnancy, or may be anxiously dealing with a subsequent post-preeclampsia pregnancy, so we appreciate all efforts at kindness.

Our guidelines are to protect you and the forum and to help the forum run as smoothly as possible. Our comprehensive guidelines are available here ( We encourage you to read them, but especially be aware of these common issues (not in order of importance):

-Do not duplicate posts:
Our team of moderators read all “active topics” and we will see your post. Duplications play havoc with our discussions and our search engine. If we think you will get better information in a different section we will move your post and let you know.

-If you are a medical professional (doctor, nurse, etc.), please do not mention your profession, education, or credentials. Please be a “civilian” here, to protect both the forum and yourself from liability.

-Do not share hospital, clinics, or specific doctor names.
Members may share recommendations via private messaging or direct email.

-Do not link to any site promoting diet, supplements, or any other product that purports to treat, prevent, cure, or otherwise mitigate the causes and effects of preeclampsia.
We will remove any links to these kinds of sites. There are currently many scientific theories on the causes of preeclampsia < ... eeclampsia>,
*so we DO encourage all members to please ask questions about any purported treatments or causes.

-No selling, advertising, or soliciting funds without prior approval.
Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in fundraising for the Foundation.

-Do not spam our Community Forum in any way. We actively monitor and delete spam.

-Everything on our forum is publicly searchable, so please consider what personal information you choose to share.

--If you reference a study or article, please provide a link so we can discuss it.
Do not copy or plagiarize, do not cut and paste an entire study, but feel free to link and share a few important sentences.

-Please no religion or politics.
Our focus is preeclampsia. We respect your beliefs and opinions, but unfortunately, these issues can divide us more than they unite us. We want to be open to mothers – and fathers and families – from all perspectives and faiths.

-Do not give medical advice.
We always recommend that women talk to their own health care provider for their own treatment. Share your experience, but avoid “shoulds”. Please do not say “you should ask your doctor to give you x medicine”. Please feel free to say “my doctor gave me x medicine for x reason, you might ask your doctor if it would be appropriate for you.”

-Do not advertise research or recruit study participants on our Forum without prior approval from Foundation staff <[email protected].>

-If you are involved in legal action or considering legal action, please check with your lawyer or a lawyer before posting anything and know that all posts are public.
This is to protect you and your rights. For more information, see the Preeclampsia Foundation’s full Legal Policy <>.

A few links to get you started:
Frequently Asked Questions (answers from our medical board Experts, top researchers and clinicians in hypertensive pregnancies)

Recent studies and articles grouped by subject

FAQ: research, videos, articles, fundraising

-Remember that our moderators and administrators are all volunteers. Please be patient with us.

-And finally, on a more positive note:
Please put your name (or the name you would like us to call you) in your signature.
We understand that many usernames have been taken and we would like to call you by whatever name you prefer!
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