Posting Policies--update!! 1-17-06

If you have a technical question about how to use the Forum or a website suggestion, please post it here! Our Forum's policy lives here, too.
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Re: Posting Policies--update!! 1-17-06

Postby blythe » Thu Aug 02, 2012 01:04 pm

Thank you to Anne, Laura, Fiona, Catherine, and all our other past admins and moderators for your care, experience, and expertise in developing these guidelines!

Our most recent (08/02/2012) updated guidelines and policies can be found here:

and in abbreviated form here:
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Re : Posting Policies--update!! 1-17-06

Postby laura » Sat Oct 09, 2004 09:54 am

Please note that you may not use contact information or email addresses found in this forum to "spam" or advertise to other members. If you violate this policy, this will result in immediate deletion of your membership, no exceptions.

If you register for this forum with the intent of selling a product, please be aware that this is a very vigorously moderated forum and any posts of this nature will likely be removed before you make it back. Please don't waste your time (or ours!)

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Posting Policies--update!! 1-17-06

Postby annegarrett » Tue Aug 03, 2004 07:12 pm

Posting in the forum is a personal choice. For liability reasons--we cannot allow posters to violate copyright laws, or basic assumptions of privacy (that expectation when one person emails you). To be clear, the following may not be posted:

Full-text of research. If you find a good research link--email it to [email protected] and we will make sure we satisfy copyright requirements.

Links to research. Please realize that when links are posted--people assume they have our blessing. For this reason, we reserve the right to remove links from these boards if we deem it necessary. Links to commercial sites purporting to treat, prevent, or otherwise mitigate the causes and effects of preeclampsia will be removed.

Advertising for research/calls for study participants. The PF has a policy in place for advertising calls for study participants. If you learn of something you think we should be aware of, let us know (by emailing [email protected] )

Advertising a doctor/hospital/product/diet/juice/etc... We currently have a strict policy against posting any advertising. Believe it or not--posting a doctor's full name (and saying something really positive about him or her) can be construed by the IRS as advertising and is not allowed. Please don't do it.

Solicitations for funds. Please do not ask for money for yourself or any other individual or organization without prior approval.

Posting anything hurtful or libelous about another person. This puts us at risk and will be pulled. If you find yourself having conflict--please remember to express your differences kindly and appropriately. When in doubt, we will just shut it down because we have more work than we can handle and don't always have time to soothe the raging hormones we pregnant women are so familiar with.

Posting anything overtly political or religious. We are a secular and non-partisan community. Although we understand the wish to share your beliefs, this is not the focus of our mission and we choose to invest our energy with what we have in common--preeclampsia-- rather than our differences.

Be patient with us--we are learning on the spot, we are all volunteers.

Posting anything that you personally have not written (for example posting in its entirety any emails, letters, or other correspondence) without the author's express permission is strictly forbidden. This is to protect you, the author and the Foundation.

Posting medical advice is strictly forbidden. This is doubly-true if you have a medical background. All advice must be presented in terms of your perspective, as a non-medical practitioner. The PF does have medical information which has been vetted by six different doctors. We take this very seriously. We want our members to trust that the information they are getting is as high a quality as possible. Not all doctors agree--not all doctors agree with us--so we have this policy. Not that we are right--just that we take this line of neutrality very seriously. We also have medical and legal disclaimers throughout the site but we still worry. This is a dangerous disease and bad things happen. You do not want to inadvertently interfere with someone getting care by either assuring them they are fine or encouraging them to seek care when they really just need emotional support. This role is for our experts--please remember that.

If you have an advanced degree in a medical field, please do not put it in your signature. It suggests that you are a person offering medical advice.

Please know that we will hold any post that raises a flag. Do not take this personally--this is for your protection as much as our own. We will attempt to get an email to you quickly to explain the hold up and also the response from our staff. Thank you for your patience and support.

Moderators are volunteers--they are not medical experts and while they bring a wealth of information to this forum--please remember that we do not replace the advice and care of YOUR physician.

Anne Garrett
Executive Director
Preeclampsia Foundation

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