? of the day - Family history of PE

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby leftcoastgirl » Sun Dec 01, 637991 10:01 pm

I am the youngest of 8...my mom had zero complications with any of us. My siblings have made me an aunt 18 times now, and all of those pregnancies were complication free. On both my dad and mom's side (which is enormous!) there were no pregnancy complications either amongst grandparents, or cousins.

Don't I feel special?? =P

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby sam » Sun Dec 01, 637991 1:48 pm

no history at all in my family, right back to great grandparents.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby ambersjourney » Wed Nov 20, 637991 4:22 am

My Grandma had Early onset pe with #1
Sister had PE with #1 & #2

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby alviarin » Fri Nov 08, 637991 6:20 pm

My paternal grandmother had "toxemia" and "jaundice" with her first pregnancy, my father. My mom, sister, and aunts all had perfectly normal pregnancies.

My maternal grandfather is the only one in the family with chronic hypertension (besides me nowadays).

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have both had mild PE close to term.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby sckitzo » Fri Nov 08, 637991 3:47 pm

Great grandmas- 8 and 7 normal term pregnanies, Grandmas 3 and 6 normal term pregnancies. Aunts/Uncles all between 5-7 normal term pregnancies. My mom 4 normal term pregnancies. My brothers all normal term pregnancies. Me Two severe PE Pregnancies. My dad has High blood presure/partly from bad diet and being over weight. So far I do not have high BP except for PE

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby bookworm » Fri Nov 08, 637991 2:55 pm

My sister had PE with her third child, but it was mild. No other known occurrences in the family. BUT, my mom has high blood pressure and it runs strongly in her family. Our theory is that my genetic predisposition to hypertension was my undoing. Even though I'm off meds now, it's likely just matter of time until I become a chronic hypertensive.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby onesock » Fri Nov 08, 637991 9:08 am

I am the lone ranger in my family...no PE for anyone, except me!

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby frumiousb » Thu Nov 07, 637991 4:10 pm

My mother had no history that I know about (But she's dead, and as my doctor pointed out-- mild toxemia would often not have been reported. We do know that both my sister and I were quite small.)

We had three "suspicious" links:

My husband's mother had toxemia with my husband, late and mild.

My great grandmother on my maternal side died "of high blood pressure in pregnancy" with her 7th child. She was 40.

My father had clotting issues as a child.

None of these is exactly a smoking gun for a link, and probably accounted for by chance...


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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby amypete » Tue Oct 29, 637991 8:38 am

My mom now has chronic hypertension, but had 5 normal pregnancies. One of my three sisters has had PIH with both her pregnancies, but I'm the only one to have 3 pre-e pregnancies. I've told my younger sister to be very careful and keep an eye on things during her pregnancies. Her first was fine, so that's a good sign!


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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby jen_birchwater » Tue Oct 29, 637991 8:23 am

i'm also the first in my family to develop PE!

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