? of the day - Family history of PE

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby valchemist » Sat Oct 09, 637351 1:33 am

MY mom had it with me, but not my sister, I think. I know my maternal grandmother lost her first three before having my mom.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby kfreeman » Wed Sep 29, 637351 6:48 am

My mother had PE with #4 and #5. I have had it with #1 and #2.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby mommy2kendall » Mon Jun 28, 637351 8:23 am

My mom and grandmother both had "toxemia." They had it for most of their pregnancies. I am not exactly sure which ones exactly. I know my mom had it with me and my brother. My grandmother had it with #2 for sure.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby jenandtheboys » Wed Jun 16, 637351 11:43 am

My mom had toxemia with me, after having had a healthy pregnancy, followed by a miscarriage, then another healthy one after me! My sis, who is younger, had PE with her first, then not with the second or third. I'm the one to have it (severe PE) with both of mine! [:(]

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby sjs40 » Tue Jun 15, 637351 6:08 am

My mother was hospitalised with #1 (me) for a month with 'toxaemia' before I was born. I was almost a month premature and weighed 5lbs.
My poor mum then had the shock of me being hospitalised with severe pre-eclampsia the day before my 40th birthday! Ellie was delivered 2 days after my 40th 13wks premature. Ellie was my 1st pregnancy.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby jknutsen » Sat Jun 05, 637351 2:03 am

No history for me. My mom never had any complications except her thyroid & that was with her 4th pregnancy, my sister. We're waiting to see if that sister develops pe. She's currently 20 wks. pg abouts.

Joyce (Severe PE)
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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby nborrayo » Fri Jun 04, 637351 11:52 am

Only me [xx(]
My mom had five of us with no complications whatsoever.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby mikeys mom » Fri Jun 04, 637351 10:57 am

My aunt had Pre-e on my dads side but that is the only person with a problem in our family besides myself.

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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby deerhart » Thu Mar 06, 637349 12:22 am

First one in my family to ever have it.. aren't I the lucky one LOL


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Re : ? of the day - Family history of PE

Postby norlisa k » Wed Mar 05, 637349 11:20 pm

Just me, in terms of diagnosed preeclampsia, but like T, I can thank family members for my hypertension: all four of my grandparents, all of my aunts and uncles, and both of my parents for being the youngest one being diagnosed with chronic hypertension in our family!

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