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Hi everyone-sorry it's been so long

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 10:44 pm
by april
Hi. I have missed coming to this forum and seeing how everyone is doing. I have been so busy. It is really time consuming being a mom(but I love every minute of it).

Well, let me give everyone an update on how Hailey and I are doing. Hailey is now 3 months old and weighing about 13lbs now. She is now sleeping through the night, which I am loving that. And her colic is pretty much all gone. She is doing great. I am doing well to.

I want to put a new picture under my name instead of me and my husband, but it has been so long since I put that one up there I forgot how to change it. Can anyone help and refresh my memory. I would like to put one up of Hailey so everyone can see her.

It has been so long and I feel so out of touch with everyone. I remember that forfaith was due around the same time as I was, how is she doing?

It feels really good posting and being here again. I miss everyone.