2nd child?

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Re : 2nd child?

Postby missgamecock » Thu Aug 11, 2005 10:16 pm

If you are crazy, the we are all crazy here. I had severe pe with hellp with the first and severe pih with the second. I just delivered 6/28 and I am counting down to when I want to concieve again. After the first, I was terrified of having another. I waited 5 years before I got pregnant again. This time around, I saw my ob at 2 weeks post partum and told him I wanted to try again. He looked very surprised and shocked but he didn't tell me no. He just said come see me beforehand so we can run your blood, urine, and get you on prenatals. The number one reason why I am considering another is because I have an ob that I trust and I am comfortable with. I have gotten three medical opinions (ob, peri, and primary care dr) and every one of them said that I had a more than 90% chance of PIH, 25% PE, and 5% hellp. They also said that I will never go full term, to count on a 35-36 weeker, and to be on bedrest and meds. Am I giving up hope. No way. I am not going to let the disease win. I am doing stuff to lessen my risks such as lose weight and excercise. This I can control.

All of the above is excellent advice. The number one thing is TRUST. I trusted my ob to get me where I needed to. If I had a question, I would come and post. As I have been going through my medical records and cross referenced different actions by my dr, he absolutely did what he should have. That makes me feel better and trust him even more. You have to be comfortable with your dr. My ob told me I don't know how many times, if something is off or wrong, you better be calling me. You'll find a lot of support here. We have all been there done that. There is nothing wrong with wanting another or being terrified of what might happen.

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julie f
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Re : 2nd child?

Postby julie f » Thu Aug 11, 2005 08:23 pm

Hi and welcome! I am so happy to hear that after all you've been through, Avery is a healthy and happy little girl!

Having another child after preeclampsia is an intensely tough and personal decision. My personal take on it though - no - you're definitely not crazy for wanting another, nor do I necessarily think you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

The biggest risk factor for preeclampsia is having had it in a previous pregnancy. However, the majority of women that get preeclampsia in their first pregnancy will not go on to get it again. Clear as mud right?!

Rachel gave you a great link to some issues that can further increase your risk of preeclampsia - have you been tested for any underlying disorders? If not, I'd definitely ask a high-risk OB to test you prior to TTC, that way you'll know a little better what you might be getting into. I think having a high-risk OB that you absolutely trust and are on the same page with is sooooooo important in a pregnancy. My husband and I met with three different high-risks before we found the one that took us through our second pregnancy. Don't be afraid to keep searching until you find the one that is right for you.

Also, here is a link to what our Experts say about recurrence rates: http://www.preeclampsia.org/forum/viewt ... erms=sibai

Again, welcome! You will find great information and support here, please let us know how we can help and, keep us posted!

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Re : 2nd child?

Postby mom2tori » Thu Aug 11, 2005 06:59 pm

Welcome! I sure don't think you are crazy! If you are set on having a larger family and have faith in your doc and the care you are receiving-I say follow your heart. Do the preconception consultation like Rachel said, test for the underlying stuff, and have a good talk with your husband and doc and make your decision based on your health and where you are standing. I wish you the best of luck and hope things work out the way you would like....

rachel a
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Re : 2nd child?

Postby rachel a » Thu Aug 11, 2005 06:51 pm

Are you setting yourself up for another disappointment...? Gracious NO! And (depending on circumstances) your OB may need a quick swift to the "you know what" for saying you'd be crazy to try again!

Have you been tested for underlying disorders? Are you aware of the risk factors associated with PE ( Any of these may increase your chances of developing PE in a subsequent pregnancy, but by no means should you give up hope. Pursue that second opinion--I personally would!

Oh yes! The 50/50 part. Well, the experts say that a woman developing PE prior to 28 weeks has a 60% chance for recurrance, while a woman developing PE between 28 and 36 weeks has just a 40% chance. However, these are just statistics and I recommend that you have a preconception consultation.

Good luck!

averys mom
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2nd child?

Postby averys mom » Thu Aug 11, 2005 06:05 pm

Hi there! I am not sure if anyone has any advise for me but I'm having a hard time.... I went thru 4 years of infertility treatments, lost 3 pregnancies and survived a painful reconstructive Uterine Surgery just so I can have children. So when I was pregnant I was overjoyed and the happiest I have ever been. Then at 29th week I started getting Preeclampsia. I was put on bed rest until I got so bad I was induced at 35 weeks and had my daughter. She was 3 lbs. But she will be 2 on Monday and perfectly healthy. I have been so upset since I saw my O.B. She told me I would be 'crazy' to have another one, but I always thought I would have more than one child. I would love to have another baby, I went thru so much for my little Avery and she was so worth it. I'm getting a second opinion, at first when I had Avery I was told 50/50 chance I could have a normal pregnancy or it would be worse. Now she is telling me the risks are significantly greater, and that I should be happy with one. And I am so happy. I love my daughter with all my heart. It's just I come from a large family and I would just love to have just one more. I put in a request with my Dr. for a second opinion but I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up for another disapoinment....

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