Blood Type

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Re : Blood Type

Postby tracym » Sat Oct 03, 637361 11:42 pm

I'm A+ and dh is O+.

A+ is the second most common blood group.

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Re : Blood Type

Postby ekc » Tue Sep 22, 637361 10:18 am

B+ and dh is O+

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Re : Blood Type

Postby christinab » Mon Sep 21, 637361 10:58 pm

O-neg with anti-C and andti-D
Dh O+
Anthony O+
Evalynn O+

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Re : Blood Type

Postby meg » Mon Sep 21, 637361 3:40 pm

I am O- and DH is O- and so of course all 3 of our kids are O-

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Re : Blood Type

Postby missgamecock » Mon Sep 21, 637361 1:06 pm

Seems like that there are a lot of A+ out there. I took a genetics class in college. However, it's been too long. I seem to remember that maybe A is just a more common blood type. An AB is a rare blood type. My sister didn't get PE with her daughter, but she is O+. Makes it all interesting.

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Re : Blood Type

Postby princess purr » Mon Sep 21, 637361 12:20 pm

Hummm me and hubby are both A+, i'm asumming Veronica was also. Very interesting.

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Re : Blood Type

Postby jenandtheboys » Mon Sep 21, 637361 11:55 am

I know this is not a real scientific sampling of the population....but I noticed that so many of you are blood type A (especially A positive). Very interesting! [:0]

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Re : Blood Type

Postby lorelei » Mon Sep 21, 637361 11:48 am

I am A+, Dh O+ and no clue about the boys..I need to check and see...

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Re : Blood Type

Postby melissam » Mon Sep 21, 637361 7:07 am

I am A-, DH is O+, Riley is O+, Kelsi was A+. The only thing I have a positive for....the stupid RH Antibody. BLECH!!! Got that one from Kelsi. Sweet little Kid. [:)]

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Re : Blood Type

Postby jjrjwhite » Mon Sep 21, 637361 6:42 am

I am O-, my husband is A+ and our son Jacob is A+

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