I could really use a hug and a pity party...

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taras mom
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Re : I could really use a hug and a pity party...

Postby taras mom » Sat Oct 25, 2003 10:06 pm


Company coming? Grocery shopping? Your bedrest doesn't sound very restful! Please take it easy; your little girl will be here soon enough.

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Re : I could really use a hug and a pity party...

Postby julie f » Sat Oct 25, 2003 07:18 pm


HUGS to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try your best to relax this weekend and make sure DH doesn't let you lift a finger.

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Re : I could really use a hug and a pity party...

Postby jabeau » Sat Oct 25, 2003 03:54 pm

You do need a very big HUG!!!!!!!!Try not to let it get to you. I know its hard. Its hard enough going through a regular pregnancy with everything all right. But with the extra makes it almost more than what you think you can handle. But you can, I had two daughters pregnant at the same time about 2 weeks apart in delivery dates. One developed PE. I felt so sorry for her but she made it and you can too.She also developed carpal turnel sydrome about 6 months into her pregnancy and she started swelling at about 4 months and continued till about 2weeks after delivery. She is fine now, thank God.
You just have heart that it will be over soon and that you are not alone. Hope everything goes well. Try to take it as easy as you can.

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Re : I could really use a hug and a pity party...

Postby erin2003 » Sat Oct 25, 2003 03:27 pm



You poor thing! This is one more thing you don't need right now!

Try to take it easy and make sure DH gives you some TLC!


I hope you feel better soon!


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I could really use a hug and a pity party...

Postby cutieajmom » Sat Oct 25, 2003 02:51 pm

I started off my Bedrest weekend by driving a half hour to take my 19 month old son over to my mom's then stopped to get groceries on the way home because we had no food in the house and have company coming this week, and possibly even this baby. I got home, got in a nice warm bath to help with the pain and to help me relax before I took a nap...well, after a little while I needed more hot water. I scooched up and turned it on and was scooching back when my right foot slipped. It shot up and two of my toes went into that drain slit thing that keeps the water from getting too high. I managed to shear one toenail completely off and the other toe just has a huge gash in it. I am so grossed out by the site of blood that I was pretty useless at first because I was gagging. Finally I figured out how to get out of the tub and was able to put a bandage on them...the one missing the nail took a very long time to stop bleeding...*sigh* I have been crying off and on since it happened...with all the bp problems, I just can't deal with this very well. Tim is working until 7:30 tonight and I just need a hug really really bad. If I can't get my dr. to deliver samantha by the end of this week I am going to throw a holy fit in the dr. office. Any more waiting for something so dangerously risky is going to really tick me off. I don't have patience anymore and I don't have the ability to deal with problems anymore. Just do the stupid section and get this over with!!! AAAGGGHHH!!! Thanks for listening to my venting!

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