BP of 130/80.What can I do to not increase it?

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Re : BP of 130/80.What can I do to not increase it?

Postby laura » Thu Oct 30, 2003 01:54 am

You know, I've been thinking about this... You're 26 weeks- darned near close to the third trimester, right? Well, during pregnancy, your BP will drop during the second trimester, and slowly rise to your prepregnancy values by the beginning of the third. I wonder if this is your baseline? If so- I'd hope that it stays stable and doesn't rise any higher AND wonder if hypertension is something that runs in your family (130/80 is getting into that new prehypertensive category they have now)

hmm, in any event, drink lots of water, rest on your left side as much as you can, don't overdo the salt, eat melon as a natural diuretic to get rid of excess water, and pay attention to your BP readings as you go through your 3rd tri. take care, and let us know how you're doing, even if it's just to say- hey- I made it through without a scratch![:D]

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Re : BP of 130/80.What can I do to not increase it?

Postby akemt » Tue Oct 28, 2003 09:34 am


For me what seemed to slow down the progression was bed rest. My bp was jumping around...anywhere from 120/80 to 160/100 but didn't usually stay for a long period of time atleast when I was first put on bed rest. A great deal of the reasoning for my dr to put me on bed rest was for another condition caused by the pih called oligohydramniosis. But, while laying on my side all day every day my blood pressure was consistantly low. It would jump up 20 pts or more as soon as I sat up. I guess, if you are getting pih/pre-e there really isn't any way to keep it at bay, other than what is given in the main pages about weight control, etc. It seemed that the bed rest prolonged the process, though it didn't stop it. And, I know that bed rest doesn't work for everyone. They may put you on bp meds, but that totally depends on your gestation, blood pressures & symptoms, and the doctor. So, I wasn't of much help! Good luck!

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BP of 130/80.What can I do to not increase it?

Postby dips40 » Mon Oct 27, 2003 04:25 pm

I am 26 weeks pregnant. I have been noticing that my BP is usually 130/80 unless I lie down for a while when it goes down a bit.

I do work full time and some times unavoidable meetings and arguments can stress you. But that is part of the job.

I have known many women who had to deliver a premature baby due to preeclampia so I have been really trying to watch my BP.

I know the mark is 140/90 but could there be anything that I can do to avoid my BP going any up. I believe it has gone up 120/77 and has reached 130/80 only in the past few weeks. I worry that at this rate it won't take much time for it to go up anymore.

Any advise would be very greatful.

Thanks a ton.

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