BP 130/80.What can I do not to increase it further

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Re : BP 130/80.What can I do not to increase it further

Postby annegarrett » Tue Jan 20, 2004 05:40 pm

Just to play devil's advocate--;) Don't stress about stress causing problems. No good studies demonstrate that it does--though I personally think it important to avoid stress--in general. Worry about what you can control. If you are getting preeclampsia--it was set in motion with the placenta implanting into the wall and maybe before and nothing you can do will stop the process from developing...no good studies show that anything will stop it but we still encourage you to give commonsense ideas (stress reduction, bed rest, healthy diet, meditation, whatever works for YOU) a chance. BUT if it doesn't work--be alert to changes and get thee to the hospital!!

Take care,

Anne Garrett
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Re : BP 130/80.What can I do not to increase it further

Postby seaside » Tue Jan 20, 2004 04:42 pm

Hi there,
It's really important to try to avoid stress as much as possible. You need to care of yourself first and foremost. I had preeclampsia a few years ago, and I'm convinced that the stress of my job and long hours worsened my condition.

Working full time while pregnant is difficult enough, however now is not the time to waste energy on worrying or arguing :) It's just not worth it in the end. Try to relax, rest and be good to yourself. You deserve it.

I know - easier said than done. If you can try to work out with your doctor a "when to worry plan", then you might feel more in control. I think that's one of the most difficult things about preeclampsia - it makes one feel like one has no control. But seriously, take care of yourself and lie down whenever you can. It will be time well spent and you will never ever regret it.

Take care,

maxs mom
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Re : BP 130/80.What can I do not to increase it further

Postby maxs mom » Wed Jan 07, 2004 02:42 pm

I don't think there really is anything you can do besides bedrest and/or HBP meds to keep your BP down. Of course, your doctor is the best person to tell you whether either of these are warranted because she knows your PG history the best. But definitely, consistently check your BP. If it goes above 140/90 you need to call your doctor ASAP. Also, if any of the following symptoms appear, than you need to get yourelf to the doctor or hospital. They are, abnormal swelling in hands and face (ask someone else to gage this, sometimes you can't tell if there is a change), headache that doesn't go away, or vision changes (blurriness, spots, etc) These are all signs of increasing BP or PE and you need to have a professional check you if any of these symptoms occur. Good Luck!

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Re : BP 130/80.What can I do not to increase it further

Postby dreamerbenz » Tue Jan 06, 2004 07:34 pm

I am currently pregnate with my first child and I have had problems since my first month. At about 6 weeks I almost lost the baby when I began bleeding heavily. At about 12 weeks I had proteine in my urine and my red blood cells were low. I am currently 29 weeks and for the last 5 weeks my blood pressure had risin from 100/60 to 138/90 which is quite high for me. I no longer have protein in my urine, but I am gaining a large amount of weight/swelling. I see my doctor every week, but I am worried about what will happen next, If I lay on my left side my BP goes back to normal but I have 2.5 monthes left...Any advise or tricks to help me out will help!

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Re : BP 130/80.What can I do not to increase it further

Postby deerhart » Mon Oct 27, 2003 08:47 pm

Well no one really knows. Since its not be determined yet what causes PE nor what causes the BP to rise in pre eclamptic woman there is really no answer.
For the most part, it is beleived by some that the rise in BP is a symptomn of something else going wrong or not working. Thus, like many other conditions or like something like the flu, all you can do is try to treat the symptons and ride it out.

One thing that would be helpful is to know what your baseline BP is. If its the 130/77 you really don't have that much to worry about unless it starts to rise consistantly higher and higher. Remember that your BP can fluctuate by a number of points throughout the day. Thus you may get a wide variety of of readings throughout the day, and will move depending on stress levels, anxiety, foods you have eaten, etc...

In order to truely track your BP you need to take and track your BP several times, a day. To do this you need to take 5 minutes to totally relax, then take your pressure. You should take it at the exact same times everyday and in the same arm every time. For example you might take it at 7am, 10pm, 2pm, 7pm, 10pm in your right arm over 3 days. You also need to track whats going on in your day. This will show you how the things in your day or the foods that you eat affect what happens to your BP.

In my first pregnancy my BP started at like 125/68 and slowly rose a few points every visit until it hit 140/80 at around 26 weeks. In my second pregnancy it stayed about 130/75-80 for most of the pregnancy and then started spiking up into the 140/90 but at the same time I was also having many other symptomns like seeing spots, blurred vision, weight gains/swelling, etc..


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BP 130/80.What can I do not to increase it further

Postby dips40 » Mon Oct 27, 2003 04:31 pm

am 26 weeks pregnant. I have been noticing that my BP is usually 130/80 unless I lie down for a while when it goes down a bit.

I do work full time and some times unavoidable meetings and arguments can stress you. But that is part of the job.

I have known many women who had to deliver a premature baby due to preeclampia so I have been really trying to watch my BP.

I know the mark is 140/90 but could there be anything that I can do to avoid my BP going any up. I believe it has gone up 120/77 and has reached 130/80 only in the past few weeks. I worry that at this rate it won't take much time for it to go up anymore.

Any advise would be very greatful.

Thanks a ton.

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