I apologize for not writing sooner..but, here is

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I apologize for not writing sooner..but, here is

Postby cjellavsky » Tue Oct 28, 2003 07:33 am

what happened. I wrote this board about 2 1/2 months ago. I sincerely apologize that I did not update anyone as to what happened. I was writing that I was having horrible headaches, and high blood pressure and my docs weren't taking me all that serious. Some were, and others weren't. One doc told me that it was pretty much in my head. My labs showed that I had protein in my urine..but, not anything else on my lab. They put me on strict bed rest, and I was in and out of the hospital. My headaches became so severe that I felt like I wanted to black out. Again, no one seemed to take me all that serious except for the one Dr. that put me on bed rest. WELL... after the 5th time being in the hospital at 34 1/2 weeks..they kept me there. My blood pressure had kept rising.. around 170/100. I knew something was really wrong and I was scared. I told them that I was scared of what was happening to me, and finally they took me serious. They were talking about inducing, but, when they did the amnio, they found that the baby's lungs were not ready yet. He said that they would wait until week 36 to induce unless something bad happened. Well, that night..the bad did happen. My blood pressure rose to 180/110 and I was just lying in bed...I started to get chills and then had the shakes so severe that I couldn't control it. My favorite Dr. was on call that night (talk about divine intervention) and she said that we would have to induce because I had crossed over to severe eclampsia. I was put on Magnesium Sulfate and thank goodness it brought my blood pressure down. However, it made me feel horrible. I was able to have a vaginal delivery, but, at one point the baby was in distress and they prepped me for a C-section. But, she stabilized and I had her vaginally. I had Maya Elisabeth on August 21st @ 35 weeks. She was immediately sent to the Special Care Unit. I held her for only seconds. I was hooked up to IV's for days and unable to see her, except for one night that they wheeled me in to see her. That night, her lung collapsed. She was sent to one of the best Intensive Care Childrens hospital in the area. I was devasted that this had happened. However, the good news is...she recovered so quickly, it was a miracle. I met some incredible Dr's and Nurses that were so incredible. She came home a week later, she was home for 4 weeks and then we were back in the hospital for 2 weeks when she had a severe virus which turned into bacterial colitis. It has been 2 weeks since we have been out of the hospital, and I had to go back to work. Maya is doing wonderfully now. I recovered almost immediately..about a week or so after being released. I tell you this story because I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to listen to your body...you know if something is wrong and you need to yell to the mountain tops to the Dr's that they need to take you seriously. I was later told that I could have died and the baby too. By the grace of God, I was in the hospital when things went severe and I was with my favorite Dr. who originally took me seriously. Had I been sent home like one of the Dr's suggested because I wasn't really pre-eclamptic...I could have died that night. Ladies, don't take that chance... Trust yourself and never let someone tell you that what you are feeling is in your head. I sit here 2 1/2 months later healthy, with a healthy 10 week old (knock on wood)and a beautiful 3 1/2 year old and a wonderful husband. I am very grateful for everything. Just make sure that your outcome is the same. Feel free to use me as a resource..I will be glad to help anyone that I can. Good Luck everyone!!!!

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