Another Question about Baseline...

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Re : Another Question about Baseline...

Postby taras mom » Fri Nov 07, 2003 03:32 am

Even if your OB doesn't want to treat at this point, you can still insist on closer monitoring. Also, it makes a difference whether 140/90 is your high reading or your average. If you haven't done so already, take several readings throughout the day and chart them to show your OB.

FYI, they just lowered the bp standards for hypertension, so if your bp remains 130/80 after the birth, your regular doctor might want to treat it.

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Re : Another Question about Baseline...

Postby mary » Thu Nov 06, 2003 06:59 pm

Once again a rule that some doctors don't follow. My OB is, for example, only concerned with diastolics of 90 or more regardless of baseline and systolic variation.

My baseline was 110/60 and now ranges from 130 to 170 systolic and 80-95 diastolic. My systolic seems highly reactive to environmental factors.

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Re : Another Question about Baseline...

Postby deerhart » Thu Nov 06, 2003 04:28 pm

no the rule is a 15% jump OR 140/90

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Another Question about Baseline...

Postby newmommymar04 » Thu Nov 06, 2003 02:47 pm

Guys Im so sorry Im asking so many questions.
Please forgive me...
I have yet another one...

I have noticed on here that your baseline blood pressure determines if what blood pressure you are experiencing is of concern or not. For instance, one ladies blood pressure during her pre-eclampisa went up to 128/80 and they gave her an induction because of it.

My blood pressure has never been below 128/80 even when I was 18 years old.

So if my baseline blood pressure was 130/80 wouldnt you assume that me going up to even 150/90 would be high blood pressure but wouldnt be as great of a concern for instance if I went up to 170/110 etc.

Is the 30 point rule something to consider here?

Because my blood pressure is staying around 138/80 to 140/90 from my baseline of 135/80 my doctor just doesnt seem too concerned because there has not been a "JUMP" in my pressures.
Should he be concerned about it or should he just be concerned that I had high blood pressure pre-pregnancy that could develop later into something?
Are these small elevations enough to warrant me getting treatment eventhough my bp has been in the 135/80 range for over a year?

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