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Re : high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2003 06:33 am
by buffy
This weekend we got a bit of good news(they're moving out today!!) so everyone was gone all day both Saturday and Sunday. I had the house to myself and was enjoying the peace and quiet, resting on my left side and taking naps. I took my BP 3 times both days and the highest reading was 142/85. Although I know that this is a little high on the top I am not worried yet becuse I was averaging a reading of 135/77 which for me is good. So Thanks to all we replied and I will post if there are any changes when I go to the Dr Wed.

I do have one more question: I have been getting these really weird feeling muscle spasms in my lovwer back, as I said I have been resting alot and these spasms kind of feel like a sore tingling. It happens for about a minute or so and then goes away. I also think that the baby has dropped so I wasn't sure if that had anything to do with it. Any body know?

Re : high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2003 03:23 am
by joanne
My BP goes up with stess ( both systolic and diastolic), laughter, just having friends around, worring about the birth or looking after my two year old.

To bring it back down again I have to really relax, ie take all those factors away for some time. A day or rest or just a couple of hurs is often not enough.

As great as your in laws sound you should be honest with them that you need rest at the moment as your BP is fluctuating and so you would appreciate everyone doing their bit. Try to plan with them getting the nursery done.

Its important that you know that your bp will come down with rest and that your health care provider knows it is reading higher than usual.


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Re : high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2003 06:39 am
by buffy
Thank you all for your helpful responses. I was at home yesterday resting all day, I was so extremely exhausted that I woke up with a headache and then immediately fell back asleep for a few more hours. I think that I am just running myself ragged. IT is a little stressful to have so many people in one house, but like I said before we all get along really well. I generally dont' have to do anything but clean my own room and bathroom and occasionally have to do my own laundry. But latley with the completion of their house being so close they are always gone, they come home to eat and then leave(with the dirty dishes in the sink and stuff everywhere) IT upsets me because I want things to be perfect, I'm nesting already. I will talk to my Dr about it and let them in on what's going on. But although I took the day off yesterday and rested in an empty house my BP still hoovered around 140/87(I take it myself at home). We will see at my next appointment what they think.
Otherwise I am a very happy prego who is anxious to hold my beautiful baby girl Audrey Faith in just 4.5 weeks!
Again thanks to all! Buffy

Re : high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2003 01:39 am
by taras mom
Buffy, if the breathing exercises help, by all means keep doing them. Also, although the phrase "in-laws" is an instant stressor for some people, that doesn't sound like it's the case for you. You say you get along well, so I think it's great that you have people there to help out; it always worries me to hear about a woman with a complicated pregnancy who's home alone. Maybe your in-laws can do more to help out. Tell them how concerned you are and ask them to take over your chores or start on the nursery. With that many people in the house, you shouldn't have to lift a finger! Don't feel the need to play hostess. They're family; let them pamper you. Also, see if you can you start your maternity leave early. Even sedentary work can be stressful; it's certainly more stressful than rest.

On the other hand, don't ignore the bp or hope it will go away. Stress reduction can help, but it's no substitute for careful monitoring and possibly meds. Follow up with your doctor as often as you need to.

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Re : high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2003 07:57 pm
by akemt
Lol suzy!

Definately don't think badly of you! [:D]

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Re : high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2003 04:37 pm
by sweetiesuzy
I just wanted to add my two cents [:D] My blood pressure SKYROCKETED whenever my mother in law was around. I have a stressful relationship with her, so it was bad to have her around me when I was so sick. When and if I become pregnant again she is banned from me.

I hope no one thinks I am awful for sharing this [:I]

I think blood pressure issues can be so idiopathic it is hard to know sometimes what is making everything happen.

Sounds like you are doing the right things to keep yourself and babe healthy. Let us know if the nursery gets done...


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Re : high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2003 02:59 pm
by akemt
Buffy, I don't honestly know how to answer this but feel that someone should atleast give it a try.

I do know that blood pressure can be affected by stress, even while pregnant, though to my understanding it is somewhat different...not that I know exactly how. I was once told that the top number of your blood pressure would change because of stress but the lower number would remain about the same. I have NO IDEA if this is true or false. [:I] I do know that when I was in a very stressful situation (not pg) that my normal blood pressure shot up to 140/95...higher on both readings. SO WHO KNOWS? I'm sure someone else will answer you the mean time you might consider asking in the "Ask the Experts" area how stress would affect your blood pressure. [?] THough getting a response will take longer, it would be a response you could trust! Unlike mine [;)]

OH, I almost forgot...My blood pressure went up about 10 points (top and bottom both) when I was pg just from laughing and joking around with my family at one of my hospital "observations" was a situation I would consider non-stressful, but apparently my blood pressure thought otherwise. So, that would lead me to beleive that it could very easily change while stressed.

And, I know what it's like having bp that jumps around and never seems to be at the high point at the doctors office! lol Such a pain, but luckily my OB beleived me...and we did get SOME high readings there.

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high BP scares, maybe stress?

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2003 12:20 am
by buffy
I recently posted the a few questons regarding pre-e because everything that was going on with me seemed to lead to pre-e. After going in to the Dr. on two occasions because of a scare in high BP and no fetal movement they have taken blood and tested my urine to find that I am within normal ranges for both(only trace amounts of protein). I was diagnosed with gestational edema at about 27 weeks and have been told to keep my feet up as much as possible, which I do even at work. My BP fluctuates from 137/84 to 150/100. But each tine that it was the higher one I was not at my OB and when I made it to their office I had successfully worked to bring it down(mostly by the calming breathing exercises taught in class) I was wondering if during pregnancy your BP could be affected by stressful situations. I have had my In-Laws(mom, dad, sister-17, and brother-6) living with us since January while they build a house. Although this sounds unbearable it is not and has actually proven to be a little fun at times, we all get a long very well. But as the birth nears and their house keeps getting pushed back week by week for completion I have found myself sort of depressed about not being able to finish the nursery and that is when I started having most of these symptoms(less the edema). I know a normal person can get stressed and their BP go up but I thought that a prego wouldn't have the same fluctuations. If the high BPis brought on by my stress level then I would also like to know any suggestions for lowering it. I am just very worried about the baby and don't want anything to go wrong especially not at my hand. Any suggesstions would be appreciated.
Thank you!-
Audrey Faith-DD 12/16/03