What to do when docs disagree???

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Re : What to do when docs disagree???

Postby jjbeck » Wed Nov 12, 2003 05:24 pm

Is it important to find out weather or not the hypertention is chronc or pg related? Or doesnt it matter?

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Re : What to do when docs disagree???

Postby ileana » Wed Nov 12, 2003 04:48 pm

Have them in a conference call? [:D]

Honestly, I think the lowest numbers that you mentioned 150/105 are high enough to be dangerous and anyone would treat you at those numbers.

The ob's number seem outrageously high, but the other 2 specialists have almost the same numbers, I'm sure they'll come to an agreement.

Good luck and keep those BPs down!

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Re : What to do when docs disagree???

Postby sweetiesuzy » Wed Nov 12, 2003 04:34 pm

I don't have all the answers. I'm sure you will get help from many women here. I can tell you that from my personal experience my OB didn't want my blood pressure to go too low because my blood pressure runs high anyways. The baby was "used" to my bps being at a certain place. This was my baseline. My bp was somewhat controlled with meds after 31 weeks when I was getting really high readings. I have been diagnosed with chronic hypertension. I suffer from it now - while not pregnant. I did not have problems till my third trimester so I can't help you with the issues you are having so early. It sounds like you have some underlying issues with your cardiac system. Maybe that is the culprit?! I am sure you will get the care you need. You are VERY proactive about your care!
Continue to keep us posted.

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What to do when docs disagree???

Postby jjbeck » Wed Nov 12, 2003 04:28 pm

I feel very fortunate to have great docs. My OB recently switched me over to my peri for full care because of problems with severe hyperemesis ( which is now under control) and high bp. SHe also asked me to follow up with my cardiologist as the last pg I dev some heart problems.
I really like my new peri and feel he is very competant and knows what he is doing.
I have known my cardiologist for a few years and know she is very competent as well.
I had an appt on Mon and the cardio strongly felt my rise in bp was pg related, as she knows I run a low bp or 100/60 pre pg. Now it is ave a high of 150/111 ( still not too bad...but as you can see, high for me). I also get out of breath very easy and have a very rapid pulse, up to 120 at rest. SHe is doing and echo to rule out pg induced cardiomyopathy.
SHe went on to say, she sees many preg woman and knows that some woman just get PIH earlier than others. Makes sense to me...especially where my heart reacted so early the last time with arrythmias.
She also said she did not want to treat the hypertension just yet, as she feels where I have a normal low bp, meds can cause it to drop too low which is not good for the baby.

Well, today I went to my peri and he says, " I know that your cardiologist said you have PIH, but there is no way you do...it does not occur until after 24 weeks".
He does feel that the "CHRONIC" hypertension should probably be treated....we will see next week.

This is all so confusing. My last pg, I was having bps as low as 75/45.
I worry meds will cause this to happen. I worry about making the right desisions.
I have heard three different things from three different docs...
OB says dont treat bp until it reaches 200/115
peris says 150/110
cardio says not until 160 to 180/105.

I just dont know. They all have there own opinions. I trust all of them.
I just dont know what to do.
I have read taking meds early can mask pre e . Is this true?

How important is it to KNOW what type of hypertension I truely have? How do I find out?
Pre pg and upto 7 weeks, my bp was fine. It started creeping up at 8 weeks.

UGH! ANy advise?

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