BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby alysa » Tue Dec 02, 2003 08:57 am

Hi all,

I wanted to say a little bit more of what's happening with me. I have still been watching my BP at home and definitely have major fluctuations with it. As I already have a high pulse rate normally, I do also notice that to increase for no apparent reason. My symptoms of my BP going up started early Nov. and possibly Oct. as well, since I have been personally prepared to "watch out" for PIH a second time, I am trying to remain calm and care for myself the best I can, or am able to.

Just a couple days ago, my BP reached its highest mark of 141/98 (I was though, feeling stressed at the same time) - and even suffered a nosebleed at the same time (-I know this is a reg. pg symptom, but for me it seems related?). After 20 min. I rechecked and my BP dropped to 140/74. -My ranges of BP seem to be between 100's/60's at the lowest and as high as I've stated. I am trying to establish my own record to keep watch for a steady increase of BP pattern, should PIH remain on the higher side.

I was not receiving proper concern for my complaints to the dr. (who also was stressed and rude to me on one occassion and I left to the ER for abdominal pain - that thankfully my tests came out good [:)])- (I'd like to also mention that with PIH I did not have the protien in my urine, so don't let a dr. ignore any other symptoms, which was the neglect I went through my 1st preg). I had my last appt. with her (my current OB) yesterday, knowing it was my last appt. I did not "bother" to complain of my symptoms much. I found it odd that every single time I go to the dr. they tell me the same thing, my BP is 110/70 (which I also felt the cuff loose on my arm and the measurement was taken over my sweater, I believe this could change the outcome of a reading), maybe it was a norm. reading - yet, it feels to me like they are averaging it? Not sure. They failed to notice another symptom that I have gained approx. 8 lbs. in 4 weeks; which normally I am very thin and I know it's hard to notice - but I feel puffy mostly in my face and under eyes. She also stated that I don't need to worry about developing Pree. - not a statement a dr. should make, though she did add, well it is your 3rd tri. now.

I am sharing my current situation to - like I know a lot of people have already - to push the fact to seek better care, if you feel you aren't receiving it currently. I have choosen another OB, that has dealt with high risk preg. and was reccomended to me as they also have a perinatologist that they can reffer me out to. - I was lucky to get an appt. right in time before the holidays coming up in acouple weeks. I would have prefered not to change dr's. after all this time, but having a dr. to "watch over" my symptoms with me, is a lot better as it will help ease my concerns and I do not have to convience a dr. to!

In response about if need be would I take bp meds., I think that was the ques.; in my 1st preg. I was at my worst BP at 37 weeks and only needed the magnesium sulfate during induced labor/delivery - my bp still did skyrocket during delivery but I don't know if I am just lucky (I think so) - but I believe I was starting to have contractions the night before possibly as I went into the hosp. 100% effaced and already partially dialated. I went through a very easy labor that progressed very rapidly. - I was one of those women trying to "hold her in". Even though I had pain and high BP my focus was on God during it all, and had a natural delivery (besides the pitocin and magnesium sul.) - I really don't even remember the pain or fear of anything going really wrong. I knew I wasn't feeling well at all, I was very weak, but she did literally fly right out and the dr. told me the next one will be even quicker. I remember postpartum, people expected me to feel fine with my BP, but I didn't, I think it took me about a month of recovery just from the BP. I realize how blessed with my outcome I was (and still am - as my daughter is so dear to me!) And I have faith I will have the same outcome.

I am hoping to avoid the need to take BP med. if I can help it (I've taken them outside of preg. (Atenlol was one, and I can't remember the names of the other 3), I did not react well to any one med. even at what was considered a low dose - which is why I also personally opt for natural approach first if it's avoidable. If it is needed to save me or my child I will though, as well as take care of my health the best I can. I do plan on seeing a chiropractor as well, like I did with my first pg. I do think the physical body being balanced can have a good effect on health and possibly help to ease the delivery process. I would feel saddened if I had to for some reason have a C-section, I think most people prefer the natural process of giving birth, but if I had to (as I know many woman do have to) the main goal of every pregnancy is, your newborn healthy - and mommy too.[:D]

God Bless all of you with healthy outcomes, and all of you that suffered in any way or loss.


Chloe (Feb 99, born 37 wks PIH)
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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby annegarrett » Mon Dec 01, 2003 11:16 am

I never had Hg--thank god--but after spending yesterday down with the flu--just ONE day of vomiting--well--I just want to say bless all of you who struggle with that in addition to preeclampsia. What a nightmare it must be!

Appreciate everyone sharing their perspective so maturely but strongly--it is good for those who don't actually post but who gather information from our forum to see that there is much to be debated about this disease. Some of our doctors do think nutrition is key--others heatedly disagree. My thinking is that for SOME women, it may be, because we all know there are women who live on Diet Coke and Fritos without Hg. BUT, some obviously have to eat whatever they can keep down. Right about now--having just kept down my fourth (woo hoo) glass of Ginger Ale and not having the nerve to try "real food"--I feel your pain. It would be nice to think we could "control" this disease but for many of us--we are doing well to survive it and have a baby at the end of the day. Rest assured--I don't think any of us should be critical of one another for doing our best to get through it in one piece.

Thanks for your thoughts--

Anne Garrett
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Preeclampsia Foundation

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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby laura » Mon Dec 01, 2003 11:15 am

what the director of the hyperemesis organization mentioned to me when I emailed her about it was that some researchers think there's a link between the oxidative stress caused by hyperemesis contributing to the development of preeclampsia. Now, I'll show my ignorance and admit that I'm not exactly sure how that works- just something to the effect of prolonged malnutrition causes cellular damage, which in turn contributes to PE (remember some current research is being conducted about how antioxidants- which combat oxidative stress- might help prevent PE?)

The other thing that sort of stuck in my head was a study I'd read that said that many women with hyperemesis have subclinical liver abnormalities- meaning, the labs might be normal, but if you did a liver biopsy, you'd find liver irregularities. Well, nobody has ever mentioned a link, but Chesley's mentions that a large number of women who develop PE will have subtle liver abnormalities detected by a liver biopsy. Co-ink-i-dink? I think not. (well, I'm not a science person, so my thinking not doesn't really mean too much [:p])

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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby akemt » Mon Dec 01, 2003 10:51 am

My guess...no actually knowledge whatsoever...Is that since PE is considered to be an inflamatory reaction to pregnancy (or some part thereof), that HG is similar...our bodie's "OH NO" reaction to some pretty drastic changes.

Catherine (22)
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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby jjbeck » Mon Dec 01, 2003 08:57 am

HI Alysa. I hear ya about natural healing and God. Non PG, I eat very healthy. Close to Macrobiotics actually. I usually avoids med...even vits and supplements.
But when HG hits...it changes everything. Not only physically, but mentally too. My last HG pg I began with midwives...tried every homepathic remedy, b6, ginger, accupressure...everything. From what I have heard from many many woman, these things just are ineffective...even for us believers. I often tell people, imagine having severe food poison....constantly for months with no relief. I actually heard from one man, his wife had gone through chemo in the past ( I think from breast cancer). She now has HG and says it is worse than the Chemo. But honestly, I appreciate ANY input on anything that might help. Thank you for your sugesstions .

Carol, as far as ensure and lemon being worth trying, you are right. Everything thing is worth trying. This is why I originally asked for input on dietary intake to help prevent pre e in those with hyperemesis. I ask people from the HG boards too. Most is stuff I have already tried, but Every now and again someone comes up with something really effective that I have not tried or heard of.

Kim, though i am greatful for the steroids...it is the Ambien that is the true wonder drug I think. My peri does not like it because he thinks it is additive...it probably is. But I have learned that addiction is unlikely if a person really needs it. I took Ambien last time as well. I had no problems stopping when it was time. I have heard this with many PG woman. When this PG is over, I will send the makers of Ambien a thank you card. This is the ONLY med that takes away the nausea. This is the only med that lets me feel somewhat normal again...even if it is for just a short while. I have heard other HG woman have simular responses to the Ambien. I wonder if the drug company has considered studying this pleasant side effect of Ambien and get an indication like Glaxo finally did for Zofran.

One question I have regarding pre e and Hg. I have read many times there is a possible link. Are there any studies yet? Is it coincidence? Is it related to HG sufferers diet or lack of? Could it be triggred my meds HGers are taking? I have been looking for this info. The only thing I have been able to find though is something about autoimmune problems and tcells or something.

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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby deerhart » Mon Dec 01, 2003 08:38 am

My OB welcomed things like a doula, massage, warm baths (though not HOT) to help me through my pregnancy. Just because I had PE/PIH didn't mean anything except that I had more problems on top of all the normal aches and pains etc.. She was perfectly fine with allowing me to pretty much do whatever I wanted as long as I was still doing okay and the baby was responding well. Heck she didn't fuss much when I refused to take any more vitamins (they made me sicker then a dog and eventually even the chewable flintstones got to me, plus my urine and sweat smelled like rust LOL).
I have heard of woman that have done biofeed back to help control and lower the BP with some success and others that used daily trips to float in the pool to help with their BP (floating in water is known to lower your BP).
Though, not all doctors are as trusting of their patients. Mine knew that if I was having any problems or felt worse I would stop what I was doing or I would be calling her again for the umpthenth thousand time.


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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby akemt » Mon Dec 01, 2003 02:00 am

About HG:

My biggest pet peive...other than the crackers, ginger and lemon drops (I now have an aversion to lemon drops! lol), was watching "A baby story" and listening to this woman tell me (and everyone else watching) that morning sickness was all in our heads! Right...I didn't expect to get it at all since my mother didn't and yet at 8 wks pg I had to go to the hospital for vomitting blood and be put on meds for it! I have to admit, my HG was somewhere on the border of morning sickness and hyperemesis, but I still had an awful experience. Dang, my pih and hg were both not-so-severe cases that rattled me pretty good anyway. I also took prenatals before pg and up untill the point I was too sick to take them and had been losing weight (eating well) when I got pg. I agree...eating healthy is best, but eating something is better than nothing!

So sorry to those going through HG right now!

Catherine (22)
DH Britton (27)
Emma Margaret (03/02/03) 37 weeks from PIH & oligo

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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby taras mom » Sun Nov 30, 2003 10:00 pm

Dear Jen & Kim, I certainly didn't mean to make light of HG. My SIL and my neighbor's daughter had it, so I've seen how awful it can be; I know it's not just extended morning sickness. However, as you both mentioned, you can (or could) keep some things down sometimes, and I consider Ensure and lemon worth trying.[:)]

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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby catherine » Sun Nov 30, 2003 07:19 pm

Hi Alysa, I notice that you've got quite a way to go as yet. Have you discussed bp medications with your ob if your bp continues to increase? How do you plan to integrate this approach with the holistic stuff as your pregnancy progresses? Do you discuss/debate this with your ob much?

I'm really curious, so many of us, myself included, ended up working through pregnancy as if it were a purely medical journey. I really didn't invest much in trying complementary stuff. I remember that someone posted that they had been planning a Bradley birth (Jessica?) and had felt somewhat betrayed by the class when she developed preeclampsia. I'd love to know if anyone has managed their high risk pregnancy/birth with the complementary approaches (doulas, meditation, etc.) If you did, how supportive was your OB, MFM? Don't flame me folks, I know none of us regret our C-sections but maybe there are other approaches particularly for those on prolonged bedrest who then have to face an induction that they didn't even to take the class for, at a hospital they hadn't toured?

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Re : BP Very Healthy Life Style (Suggestions)

Postby kim » Sun Nov 30, 2003 06:15 pm


My response to people critisizing our meds is that if I hadn't taken them, I wouldn't have Ainsley. Ambien was my life saver! It was the ONLY time of the day when I didn't feel like death. I thought I would be addicted to it by the time I had the baby (took it from 8 weeks until I delivered), but I wasn't...

All I can promise is that it does go away after delivery!!
Take care,

Kim Schwintz
Texas Chapter President

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