Totally Confused

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Re : Totally Confused

Postby laura » Sat Nov 22, 2003 10:36 am

Ok Rachel- you must must must get a second opinion! Even if you can't change the hospital you're delivering at, you can still do a consult with a perinatologist- you can look for one close to you at (for peris that specialize in hypertensive pregnancies) and for regular perinatologists.

This is difficult and scary and you have to rock the boat, but really the outcome of your pregnancy and perhaps even your health may depend on it! 175/130 is incredibly, incredibly dangerous during pregnancy, by anyone's standards. The criteria for severe- let's deliver this baby now- preeclampsia is 160/110 and/or 5 grams of protein in a 24 hr urine. At the very least DON'T let them take your pressures lying down. Print out the response from the Experts, remind them that ACOG recommends sitting up- ask them to note in your chart that they're refusing to record your pressures sitting up- do whatever it takes to get an accurate BP.

I must go, I have an obligation- but please, email me through the link provided under my profile if you want to talk. take care, and DO YOUR KICK COUNTS!

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Totally Confused

Postby mrsright41401 » Sat Nov 22, 2003 08:55 am

Six weeks ago @ 28 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia. The doctors and the nurses aren't telling me anything, they just pat me on the head, tell me to stay in bed, and send me on my way. My blood pressure has averaged out at around 143/96 but after reading the "Ask the Experts" post on hwo to take blood pressure, I've realized that it may be higher because they have me laying down on my side with my arm above my heart.

At my last doctor's appointment, they admitted me to L&D because my bp was high (didn't tell me what it was) and the first bp check they did at the L&D my pressure was at 175/130. They rolled me completely on my side and it dropped dramatically. Was still high, but the bottom number was only in the 90s.

Besides high blood pressure, I've had the following symptoms.

Vision change (even went and had my eyes checked by an optometrist)
Dizziniess and faintness
Ringing in the ears
Abdominal Pains (Stabbing pains that come and go)
I pee very little at each bathroom visit
I am still puking EVERY single day.
I am constantly confused. (Last night I asked my husband what the door to our storage closet led to.)

My weight gain had been really slow and all of a sudden I'm gaining 4-6 lbs per two weeks.

I'm confused what I need to be looking for. The only reason I recognized some of the symptoms above as symptoms was last night I got on to try and educate myself and found that somethigns I've been dealing with are symptoms! I can't go to another hospital, I can't change doctors as I don't have a specific doctor assigned to me, and I go to L&D only to be sent home with no more information as to why I'm feeling this way or what I'm experiencing a few hours later!

What am I looking for? What do I worry about? Why at 34 weeks aren't they preparing me for a premature birth? I AM SO ANGRY.


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