Aspirin to prevent PE?

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Re : Aspirin to prevent PE?

Postby joanne » Wed Nov 26, 2003 00:20 am

Hi Evans mum

With my first pregnancy I got PE at 28 weeks and had a caesarean at 31 weeks. With my second I started taking aspirin at 5 weeks and am now at 35 weeks with no problems so far.

Whether aspirin will benefit you has not been proven either way but your doctor can tell you if you are likely to benefit. Clearly it does with some women and with others it has no noticable efect.

The reason to take it in first term is that this is when the placenta forms and attaches to you. The effect of asprin is greatest at this time. By 2nd or 3rd trimestre some believe its too late to do any good. Certainly if you have any signs of a blood clotting disorder aspirin will help as would hepain.

I based my decision to take aspirin on doctor Ramon Hermida's research (Spain). Do an internet search on his name and aspirin in pregnancy to see what he says. There are other views which differ slightly or completely disagree. Most doctors believe that asprin in such small doses does not have any negative effects.

Unfortunately nothing is definite and so no one can guarantee how to completely avoid preeclampsia a second time around. What you must do is read as many views as possible and then discuss it with you doctor who will put them into context with your own circumstances. Do ths quickly now that you are aleady pregnant.

Whatever decision you make you should not say "if only I had...." afterwards. No one knows the cause or cure to this disease and we can only do what we think best until they are discovered.

There are other supplements you can take in addition to aspirin ( but they are intended to have a different effect). I took vitamin C and E. Other women on this site have taken calcium, omega 3 B vitamins. Whatever you wish to do, discuss it with doctor first.

Best of luck.

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Re : Aspirin to prevent PE?

Postby sarahedgcomb » Tue Nov 25, 2003 10:59 pm

Hi Evansmom,

At 5 weeks, my doctor recommended I start taking 81mg of aspirin. At that appointment I had an ultrasound and everything with the fetus was normal - normal size, development, etc. A week and a half after starting the aspirin, I started to spot and eventually had a miscarriage. I had a few ultrasounds while I was spotting and we found out that the fetus had stopped growing at 5.5-6 weeks - right around the time I started the aspirin. The hard part was, the heart was still beating towards the end and there was nothing we could do except wait for the inevitable. I miscarried at 9, almost 10 weeks.

When I went for my 6 week checkup after the miscarriage, I saw another doctor in the practice and he was shocked that the first doctor started the aspirin so early. He said that if you're not already on aspirin prior to conception, they wait to have you start taking aspirin until week 11 or 12 - after the placenta has had a chance to attach itself successfully. I asked him if he thought the aspirin led to the miscarriage. He said that there's no way of knowing what actually led to the miscarriage, but that the aspirin certainly didn't help.

This is just my experience as well. I don't have chronic high blood pressure and all of my blood work came back normal (for clotting disorders, etc). You might want to ask your doctor what her opinion is on starting aspirin toward the end of the first trimester. I actually think that's when the studies that have involved taking low dose aspirin, start anyway (around week 12, but before week 14).

Good luck with your pregnancy.


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Re : Aspirin to prevent PE?

Postby momathelete » Tue Nov 25, 2003 05:57 pm


I can only tell you my experience, I cannot tell you what you should do. My peri suggested baby aspirin also and they wanted me to take it immediately since they beleive there was less of a likelihood of clotting. The placenta forms/develops in the first trimester so they beleive that the anti-clotting agent of the 81mg aspirin will help prevent clotting. Aspirin may be a problem if you have problems with clotting in the first place. I ended up taking baby aspirin for my third pregnancy and I actually made it to 37 weeks. There are other factors that may have helped me get as far as I did, but I do not know how to isolate each one to say that it is what helped. Good luck with your pregnancy and I would try to follow what your doctor suggests. You may want to ask him about taking vitamin supplements too. I took tons, all under the supervision of my peri.

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Aspirin to prevent PE?

Postby evansmom » Tue Nov 25, 2003 01:18 pm

Hi all! Had my first ob visit yesterday. All went well, except the ultrasound showed a discrepancy between my LMP EDD and the size of the baby. We kinda figured this would be a problem since I was on birth control immediately prior to concieving. I need to go back for another ultrasound in 2 weeks to reconfirm the NEW EDD. Anyway, my question is, has anyone taken baby aspirin to prevent PE? Since I am a chronic hypertensive, my OB recommends taking one every night before bedtime. She says there has been a documented reduction in PE in those taking aspirin. Yet, I've heard it can cause miscarriage early n pregnancy. (I'm only 6 wks.) What do you think?
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