Hello Everyone..update

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julie f
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Re : Hello Everyone..update

Postby julie f » Wed Apr 16, 637653 1:46 pm

Christina, of course we remember you! So glad to hear that your kiddos are doing wonderfully!

Take care,

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Re : Hello Everyone..update

Postby lucy » Tue Apr 15, 637653 2:48 pm

So glad things are going well for you, thanks for updating!!

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Re : Hello Everyone..update

Postby mom2tori » Sat Apr 05, 637653 2:33 pm

Great update! Glad things are going well for you

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Re : Hello Everyone..update

Postby ileana » Sat Apr 05, 637653 10:52 am

I remember you!!! We're using you as an example of someone that had a successful pregnancy with proteinuria from the very beginning!

I'm so happy that the kids are doing so good! Thanks for coming back to keep us updated.

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Re : Hello Everyone..update

Postby cassie05 » Sat Apr 05, 637653 2:37 am

Glad things are going well for you all!

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Hello Everyone..update

Postby christinab » Fri Apr 04, 637653 8:20 pm

Hello everyone,
I haven't been here for a long while. I don't think anyone will remember me. I just wanted to say that my kids are doing great. My son Anthony is now 2 1/2 years old. And he is quite a handful. I am finding out that premies are a handful..But, I love him. My daughter, Evalynn is now 5 months, and she is trying to crawl. Kids are amazing. I think I am done having kids though. I have two wonderful babies, and I am seriuosly tired of worring if I am going to get sick again. So, I think I am done...

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