Not sure what's going on

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Not sure what's going on

Postby natalie » Thu Dec 04, 2003 11:53 pm


I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and for the last four weeks my BP has jumped around all over the place. It is now at 140/80. I have a 3+ protein reading. I have gained 5lbs this last week (seemingly 2.5lbs in each foot!).

I am asking for advice from anyone as I live in Thailand and although my Dr is great I am not totally comfortable with my situation even though he doesn't seem to be worried. He does say that it looks like I have Pre-eclampsia. I have been told to 'rest a lot' but nothing else.

I understand that protein spillage indcates kidney problems but is it likely they will induce labour solely because of this? How dangerous is it to have a high protein spillage reading? Should I be drinking a lot more water to combat it?

I am sure that to the more experienced of you out there these questions are dumb but I can't find the answers elsewhere. I read information and the next bit I read contradicts it. Any advice would be gratefully received.


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