Bedrest and PIH or chronic htn?

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Re : Bedrest and PIH or chronic htn?

Postby jknutsen » Thu May 29, 637659 6:46 am

It helped me. My PIH was diagnosed at 26wks. I was put on strict bedrest by 28 wks and made it to 34 wks before I started spilling protein and then my liver began swelling. When I first was diagnosed, the dr told me he'd be happy if I made it 2 more wks. I walked out of there terrified. If I knew then what I know now, I would have insisted upon strict bedrest beginning at 26 wks and been better about sticking to it. I can only say what I believe though. You have to follow whatever you believe.


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Re : Bedrest and PIH or chronic htn?

Postby missgamecock » Thu May 29, 637659 6:36 am

It helped me. No way could I get as far as I did with Sara without it. For my next pregnancy, three docs (Peri, ob, and PCP) have all told me to expect bedrest.

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Re : Bedrest and PIH or chronic htn?

Postby deerhart » Thu May 29, 637659 6:30 am

Overall reasearch doesn't show that bedrest makes much difference. I eprsonally think bedrest only helps woman who's PE/PIH may be stemming from certain things (which goes along with my theory that PE is like a sore throat, same symptoms many different causes).

Bedrest did help me somewhat as it did lower my BP immediately, but over time it was lowered less and less until i reached a point that there was no differnece in my upright BP or laying down BP. At that time I had gained 4-6 weeks

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Re : Bedrest and PIH or chronic htn?

Postby tavilin » Thu May 29, 637659 5:43 am

No help, but I have been on modified bedrest since 22 weeks due to PIH. My OB insisted by my perinatologist said he didn't think it would really make a difference. I'm at 34 weeks so that's something...but who knows how much of that the bedrest played into.

Interested to hear the responses.

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Re : Bedrest and PIH or chronic htn?

Postby caryn » Thu May 29, 637659 5:42 am

Well, here's a link (got it from the Announcements and PE in the News forum) to the most recent bedrest study:

The summary of the study itself contains these quotes:

"Routine recommendation of bed rest for pregnant women with hypertension is not strongly supported by the limited available research, according to a new systematic review of clinical studies."

"The other two studies involved 304 women with either pregnancy-induced or chronic hypertension but without protein in the urine. The studies showed a reduced risk of severe hypertension and a borderline reduction of risk of preterm delivery for women accepting some rest compared to those undertaking normal activities. Other outcomes were comparable for both groups."

What that means is that fewer of the PIH bedresters developed the reeeally high pressures and that it might be the case, although we're not sure because it's described as "borderline", that fewer babies were born early. (There weren't any differences whatsoever in hypertension or preterm delivery in the PE patients.)

Many women posting on these forums fell into the category of PIH bedresters for whom bedrest slowed onset of severe hypertension, and this data makes it look like they're right to say bedrest helped them. Many women posting on these forums fell into the category of severe PE for whom bedrest would have been worthless, and this data makes them look right as well. So we're all right! [:D]

are all posts from our Experts in which they say that there's no real research support for bedrest in hypertensive pregnancies.

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Bedrest and PIH or chronic htn?

Postby haunaniv » Thu May 29, 637659 3:24 am

After reading the posts about bedrest and PE I am wondering what the experts say about bedrest and PIH or chronic htn. In those cases does bedrest make a difference?

With my last pregnancy I was put on modified bedrest at 22 weeks and strict bedrest at 32 weeks because of PIH. It made for an extremely miserable pregnancy and a very hard delivery. I am usually a very active person and I wonder if all the inactivity made pregnancy/delivery all the more difficult. I do feel, however, that towards the very end of the pregnancy it did help in getting me a few more weeks.


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