Rising BP at 24wks and salt intake

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Re : Rising BP at 24wks and salt intake

Postby sherry fisher » Tue Dec 16, 2003 03:05 am

Hi, I am 22 weeks and in my fourth pregnancy. I think my headaches have gotton worse with each one. I have had the CT scans and a MRI. I have been told that my headaches are caused from pregnancy related hormones. I am prone to headaches as well, even when not pregnant. My BP's have been high. But most of the time at the onset of a headache, it is normal. Tylenol does not do anything for my headaches. I have to have something with caffeine. I take Excedrin Tension headache, it works for mine. OF course before taking anything, ASK YOUR DOCTOR, please! As personal experience I watch my BP like a hawk. My BP's dont seem to go up with salt intake, but my swelling does. I guess I just use my best judgement when it comes to salt and use it in moderation. I try not to eat out and watch the 'boxed' meals. They have a ton of salt. Everyone's body is going to react differently. Good Luck and if you come up with a better solution, PLEASE SHARE! lol

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Re : Rising BP at 24wks and salt intake

Postby laura » Sun Dec 14, 2003 03:19 pm

Hey there, and welcome! I think we often have differences of opinion here- but I'm not so sure we scold heavily?! Ack. That's terrible.

I think the consensus is that generally we tend to eat too much sodium to begin with- so moderating our salt intake is a good idea, but low-salt isn't necessarily necessary.

What I did when I was pregnant was find the Recommended Daily Allowance for sodium, and then started reading the backs of things I was eating, to get an idea of how much I was ingesting. For many people (like me [:I]) reducing my intake to the RDA IS a low sodium diet, ykwim?

What I would do if I were you is get a general idea of what my pressures are running for several days- several times a day. Then, after eating something nice and salty, check it again. If your pressure is appreciably higher, then you know that salt is something you probably should watch.

I, for one, am extremely salt sensitive when pregnant. I couldn't salt to taste- if I did, I'd swell, get headaches, and my BP would skyrocket. Regardless of what any camp says- I couldn't tolerate it. In my non-doctor, non-medical opinion, I think each person needs to have an understanding of how their body reacts to it.

best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!

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