Labor/Delivery Question

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Re : Labor/Delivery Question

Postby tresa » Wed Dec 24, 2003 03:37 pm

My first one with pitocin was horrible. Seemed like nothing happened for two days and then he broke my water and I had him within 3 hours!! My second I had within 1.38 hours. Now I am on my third and thinking I will go within 45 minutes. So it can be different. Have never breastfed so I cannot help with that! Sorry!

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Re : Labor/Delivery Question

Postby akemt » Tue Dec 23, 2003 10:56 am

Donna, I just answered this via yahoo, but will answer again here just for fun [;)] lol. In theory, subsequent labors are shorter than first labors. Though, adding Magnesium Sulfate can/will slow progression. So basically, I don't know! lol sorry.

I did forget to answer your BF question before. I was on what I beleive was a rather ?light? BP med. It had some weird name like ch15 or something...I guess I should look that up. Ah, HCTZ. Don't know anything about that med, really other than it didn't mess with my milk supply which was quite important to us at the time because my daughter has dairy/soy issues so finding the right formula would have been a nightmare. Let your doctor know of your concern. I'd think your life would be put above your breastfeeding if needed [;)], but let them know that if at all possible, you want something that will let you continue to bf if meds are required. BTW, I've been told that the waterpill meds are about the worst for bfing.

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Re : Labor/Delivery Question

Postby amyk » Tue Dec 23, 2003 06:14 am

Once my son was out of the NICU, he was able to breastfeed successfully while I was taking Labetalol. My supply was quite a bit lower than with my daughter, but I attribute it more to stress and lack of sleep than the meds. I've been taking domperidone to increase the milk supply and it works great with no side effects (for me, anyway).


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Re : Labor/Delivery Question

Postby cathyw » Mon Dec 22, 2003 09:19 pm

Hi. I can't answer your question re: the induction because I had a c-section, but I was able to breast-feed successfully while on BP meds. My son was delivered at 32.5 weeks due to Severe Pre-Eclampsia. He spent one month in the NICU. During this time, I pumped all of his milk while taking Aldomet. I did not have any problem establishing a supply etc. (thankfully) and the baby did not have any reactions. My son was pretty weak and not effective at sucking for the first few months. However, I would put him to the breast 1-2x per day so he could get the hang of it. At about 5 months, he was able to transition over to the breast completely. The lactation consultants at the hospital were wonderful..Definitely ask for a consult with one when you are admitted to L&D. Best wishes to you and keep us updated.
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Re : Labor/Delivery Question

Postby catherine » Mon Dec 22, 2003 09:02 pm

Hi Donna, sorry to hear that you just drew the bedrest card. I can't answer the induction question in much detail. I think that the fact that you've been around once before will help. You may not dodge the dreaded Mag, hopefully someone whose BTDT that can help you.

I did breastfeed successfully after my preeclampsia experience although my milk was very slow to come in. I was on Procardia for the six week post partum period and I didn't notice that it affected my milk production any. I was lucky, it wasn't my first experience of breastfeeding, to be honest, I was more comfortable nursing than trying to figure out how to bottlefeed a newborn.

Lots of best wishes for keeping number 2 on board a little longer.

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Labor/Delivery Question

Postby dshodges » Mon Dec 22, 2003 07:16 pm

This is my second pregnancy, I'm at 31 weeks right now, and just officially diagnosed with PE this time. Made it to week 33 last time before diagnosis and bed rest were started. Last time I also had gestational diabetes, and this time I don't, so that's one thing in my favor. With my previous delivery, I was induced at 36.5 weeks, and labor lasted the better part of 3 days. Very long and drawn out, confined to a hospital bed, darkened room, no visitors other than my husband, cervical ripening gel, Dr. broke my water, pitocin and mag sulfate IV, you all know the drill. My question is this: If I'm induced again this time, at about 36-37 weeks like last time, does it have to be like my last labor? Is the long, drawn out, confined, darkened room typical of induced labors for a woman with PE? Might it be smoother this time? Will the fact that I've already delivered once before help? Also, my BP stayed above 170's/110's for nearly a month after delivering my daughter. Because of the BP meds I was on, I gave up on Breastfeeding after 2 or 3 weeks. I was tired and dizzy, and the baby was lazy, and the two of us switched to formula out of desparation. Have any of you had success with BFing WHILE on a BP medication? If so, which one? Thanks for your help!

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