Update on Sarah

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Update on Sarah

Postby cathyinwa » Tue Dec 23, 2003 04:39 pm

Hi Everyone,

We took Sarah for her two month checkup yesterday. We expected everything to be fine. She looks very healthy.

But the ped was concerned about her breathing and asked if she had had a cold. She hasn't. She seems to be working a little to breath. Her oxygen levels and her chest x-rays were fine.

They tested her for viruses today, but we haven't heard anything yet. The ped wants an ultrasound of her heart. It will be done next Tuesday.

On a good note she's doubled her birth weight and now weighs 12lbs 6ozs. And is 23 inches long now. She seems to feel fine and is eating well.

She had her two months shots yesterday. It was horrible to see her cry like that. She cried her first real tears, turned red, and screamed the loudest I've ever heard. My husband and I cried, too.

The ped said not to worry too much, it may be nothing. But it's very hard not to worry.


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