OB frustrations...yet, once again!

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Re : OB frustrations...yet, once again!

Postby alimarie » Tue Dec 23, 2003 11:09 pm


wow. what an annoying day you had...to put it mildly! I don't think you are out of line at all to express your frustration. I would demand ( maybe nicely) that they not let that happen again. i mean to wait that long while people are clearly having a good time doing other things is ridiculous. I would think that if it continues it might be time to look for a new dr. one that is interested in treating you in a professional manner. clearly, she is not cutting it!


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OB frustrations...yet, once again!

Postby sherry fisher » Tue Dec 23, 2003 06:28 pm

I am sooo flipping mad, I cant see straight..maybe because of all the tears in my eyes. I called my OB office 3 times last week for an appt. NO ONE CALLS me back. (Voice mail) I had to go in yesterday just to request an appt. She tells me there is no room for me this week. My OB walks up to the desk and the receptionist asks her what she wants to do with me. My OB then states that I am in for a NST, just schedule me for that and she will come back in and take a peek at me.

OK...I go in to the office today. I am told upon arrival that the Dr is running an hour behind. Ok, no big deal. Then We are all told 2 hours. Ok, time to reshchedule. As it is the day before Christmas Eve and already 4:15pm. I ask for another appt. time. First off, I did not even know why I was having the NST. I was told not until 28 weeks..:) I was told she really wants me to have this test, so they take me right back. I am hooked up for about 40 min. She jumps off and I cant find her. So, I lay there for about 20 min until a nurse comes in. (Flat on my back!) She tells me that is probably enough. She will go get the Doc so she can take a quick look because there is NO peaks in the babies heart rate...just straight and valleys! (That worried me) I am waiting for the nurse to come back in...meanwhile, the baby is still off the monitor. Wait for about 20 min, no Doc...So I take off the monitor myself to go potty! I come back and wait AGAIN for about 20 min. the nurse walks by and I ask her if the DOC wants to see me or if I can go. She asks who took me off...I told her I had to go pee and reminded her that she said that was probably enough. The DOC walks right by me about 10 times. She is out there visiting with her husband and daughter. On the phone right next to me with personal calls..etc, etc. The nurse then comes back in about 15 min. later and tells me that she left for the hospital, but she would be right back!!! OK, I AM MAD!! I told her that I could not wait, she walked right by me a dozen times. Reminded her that she was supposed to go get her twice and never did. She stated that she was sorry "I thought she seen you". NOPE!!!!!!!!! I told her I was leaving, she said that a DOC had to sign off on my NST, I told her again that I was not waiting for her to get back. She said she was not supposed to let me go, but physically she could not keep me. I told her if there was a problem, I am sure she will call me at home! I left without making an appt! I think everyone knew I was mad!

Here I am at home, dreading the phone call from the Dr. I want to know if I am out of line here?!?! In the very beginning, I literally told her that I thought with the one OB leaving the practice, that they would have their hands full. Of course, she asured me this would not happen.

GOT THE CALL>....It was the nurse apologizing AGAIN! She said the OB was back and she asked WHO put me on the NST in the first place, I was supposed to be there for a BP check. OK... the OB was the one that told the receptionist yesterday that I was there for a NST!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Anwyway, I went back up there to have a thousand apologies and was told that they needed to put a buzzer in the NST room! How discouraging to have to go through all that for something that was not even supposed to be done in the first place! The sad thing, I asked EVERYONE who would listen WHY she was doing a NST in the first place!! My BP was 140/90. I will be rechecked next week and have a new med added to the ones I already take! UGHHH!She said the baby looked good and that the babies heart rate was not supposed to vary that much until week 28-30. Anyone heard of this?!??!?!

Thanks once again for listening to me vent!

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