How bad are the headaches?

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby deerhart » Mon Sep 14, 637671 10:21 am

hehe with my first induction I had IV's in both hands. In fact I was prepped from the get go with an iv in my right hand and the needle in my left (with nothing in it).
They did the same thing the second time around (though I did not need it)

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby missgamecock » Mon Sep 14, 637671 5:13 am

I had headaches n both pregnancies. Noticeably when my bp began to rise or was going higher or when it was labile. I got THE headache with Kirsten at 12am on March 27th. They had already tried to start ripening the cervix but THAT headache was the one that earned me three days on mag. I didn't know about the headache part. I hit the call button and asked the nurse for some Tylenol. The next thing I know, every dr on the floor, every nurse, every intern and resident, and all the midwives came flying into my room. One started taking vitals, another started slapping on an EKG and other devices, another was tapping my knee (I had really exaggerated reflexes), another was taking a ton of blood. They all went out into the hall and came back in and then one dr said I'm sorry but we have to put another iv line in. Me being naive said, ok here's my arm, and they said no you don't understand, you need another iv in the other arm. We have to give you medicine, this iv is going to be full in a minute. You also must have an epidural tomorrow (no arguments there, I had every intention of an epidural). So I ended up with two ivs and all of the hooks filled and a lot of monitors. That is when a nurse sat in my room to watch me. Which was really wierd having someone watch you. She was watching for seizures. It was also when they started the mag.

With Sara I had horrendous headaches that tylenol did not come close to touching. I don't know if it was from Procardia, pih or what. I spent the lat week in tears. Was in tears after she was born because of the headaches. My ob ordered tylenol 3 which made me want to puke. He had gone home for the day and the midwife was on the floor. She ordered Firoinal. I got that every 4-6 hours till I was released. My ob sent me home with a rx for Firional. My pcp has since picked it up and given me a rx for it. I do know that I will be asking for something for the headaches next time when pregnant. That last week was awful and I didn't know that they could give me something else for it. I guess it was a balance of trying to ease the headache pain but having some of it there till tell if my condition was worsening.

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby deerhart » Sat Sep 12, 637671 2:55 pm

I have only had one headache that was worse and that was a stress tension migrane which originated in my neck and lower back of my head.

Otherwise the PE headaches made my entire head hurt, temples throbb and it was an unreleating pain that just never went away.

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby celticepona » Thu Sep 03, 637671 11:35 am

yes, please talk to your doctor. I had the PE headache several times, and would gladly go through labor ten times over then experience that pain was unbearable like a tight vice on my head only worse. Please let us know how you do.

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby patricks mommy » Mon Jul 06, 637671 1:59 am


From my experience what you are describing sounds more like either a migraine or sinus headache. I am not a doctor, just someone who has had a lot of headaches. With my son when I got "the headache" from pe it didn't go away. It also encompassed my whole head. From the time it started it just progressed until I had my c-section. They gave me tylenol and other drugs to try to get rid of the headache. Nothing worked.

I would definitely talk to your doctor about it. I hope you feel better soon.

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby lucy21 » Sun Jul 05, 637671 9:02 pm

Hi Tonya,
You poor thing, sounds awful and I hope it gets better very soon.
I can only describe my PE headache as relentless and unbearable. THe worst headache I could imagine. Once it started it didn't stop. With my 3rd pregnancy I spent from 23-30 weeks in hospital with this headache. It is not caused from the BP. As Fiona said it is actually cerebral irritation.... it was described to me by my specialist as an irritation of your brain fluid.
I also had severe visual disturbances and could not stand any light or noise. For seven weeks I lay in a pitch black room, no tv, no visitors (except DH and kids), to even have a shower just about made me pass out.
BUT... in saying that, I STRONGLY recommend you get your headache checked out, just in case.
I hope you feel better very soon.
Take Care
Love Lucy

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby kathyc » Fri Jun 26, 637671 3:00 am

Hi Tonya. Welcome to the forums. You'll find some very caring, very knowlegeable ladies here. I'm sorry you are havng such a rough time.
I have also found that ice can help a headache. For a bad one, I'll use two ice packs, one on the back of my neck and the other across my forehead, or wherever the pain is the worst. It usually helps me. Please tell your OB about them, and let us know how your appointment goes.

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby froggie89 » Fri Jun 26, 637671 12:12 am

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Sorry that you are having headaches that bad. I've dealt with headaches and migraines since college. Here is my experience with the pe headache: My head started hurting late in the night on March 20, 2005. (I didn't know it was The headache until later). I've had bad migraines, but this was by far THE WORST HEADACHE EVER!! It was intense and never relented no matter what I took. I won't ever forget it.

I don't know if you have tried using ice for the headache. It's supposed to be a natural remedy. I've used ice packs before and it's actually helped even though you think it'd make it worse.

I would definately tell your OB about the headaches and I hope the doc can find out what's going on. Take care. Keep us posted!

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby fiona » Thu Jun 25, 637671 8:50 pm

hello and welcome,

I'm sorry that you are having such a miserable time right now - those headaches sound dreadful.

IIRC the pe headache does not come and go - it hits and stays. It's also not caused by high BP, but by swelling round the brain.

While most people will tell you that pe can't strike before 20 weeks, there are plenty of us here to prove that one wrong. If there is any concern at all that you may be developing pe symptoms, the standard tests would be a set of liver panels bloodwork and a 24 hr urine catch.

I hope your OB can solve this one for you. Let us know how you get on.

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Re : How bad are the headaches?

Postby bigdadysgrl » Thu Jun 25, 637671 6:55 pm

I also wanted to add that Tylenol hasn't helped at all - I have even taken the sinus or tension excedrine (no asprin) and those aren't helping either. When I wasn't pregnant excedrine always knocked the headaches out.

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