couple of questions

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Re : couple of questions

Postby deerhart » Tue Jul 07, 637671 11:27 am

HI, my BP stayed elevated for 6-9 months PP with my oldest and was elevated for almost 18 months after the birth of my youngest (and then droppd nicely into the 120/75 range).

I also have a blood clotting disorder so can't answer your other question

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Re : couple of questions

Postby heather j » Mon Jul 06, 637671 7:22 pm

First, I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter, Lily. Second, I know you're ready for the bp issues to resolve; I've been there. I delivered in June and by October I was weaned off meds completely. My bps run about 115/70 now. Hang in there! Some people need them permanently, but even if you don't - it just taked a while for your body to normalize. Hang in there. As for Lovenox, I will be taking it, but I DID test + for an underlying disorder, so I can't really help there. Have you considered getting an internist on board to deal with postpartum health issues like bp? It was an excellent step for me, personally. Did your doctor suggest baby aspirin as therapy? I began taking it when TTC, and my bp has dropped even more since then (105/60). I hope you work through this soon enough, and best wishes!

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Re : couple of questions

Postby alya879 » Mon Jul 06, 637671 1:36 pm

It took me quite awhile as well for the bp to come down afterwards. It took at least 4 months. It took me about 1 1/2 years for all my labs and body to become my old self again. I went through the whole battery of tests and in the end there was no reason for me getting so sick w/ Katelyn especially getting sick so early. They gave me a 30% chance to repeat my performance. I am now preg. w/ twins and almost 27 wks. I have only had a few slightly high bp's. I was extreme sick this at this time and getting ready to have Katelyn.

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Re : couple of questions

Postby caryn » Mon Jul 06, 637671 8:17 am


I was on the bp meds for... four months afterwards, I think. It took that long for the blood vessels throughout my body to heal -- at six weeks postpartum I think I was still 140/90 on the meds (but don't quote me on that, as I can't remember for sure.) Nowadays I usually run 100/70ish. I am probably more likely to develop chronic hypertension as I age (with a very strong family history) but haven't got it yet. Good luck with yours!

Also, there's a new study abstract we just posted that says people with a history of severe preeclampsia have longer pregnancies and larger babies and less PE if they're on Lovenox and low dose aspirin, but I haven't looked at the full text of the study yet to see if they isolated only the population with clotting problems for that study. (I'm in the middle of moving and my normal access is unavailable as a result.) Here's a link:

Take care of yourself; it sometimes takes a while to heal from this.

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Re : couple of questions

Postby lucy21 » Sun Jul 05, 637671 8:50 pm

Hi Christina
I'm so sorry for the loss of your darling angel.
I can't help much, only to say my specialist in Australia - who is the leading PE specialist in Victoria told me that heparin is useless if you have no underlying problems. I tested negative to everything and he told me it would be pointless putting me on heparin next time. Not sure if this helps at all though.
I'm not sure what Lovenox is... might be something we don't have here.
Take care.
Love Lucy.

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couple of questions

Postby squishy » Fri Jun 26, 637671 6:15 am

So it has been six weeks since I delivered Lily. I am still on blood pressure meds (Procardia XL). My BP remains elevated @ 120/85-130/95 on the meds. I wish I had known what my baseline was prior to the pregnancy. This pregnancy was a bit of a surprise and during the first five months my pressures were beautiful (110/75). I am afraid that this is chronic HTN. Has anyone dealt with a lingering elevated BP? My Peri said we will just continue to watch it.
For those with chronic HTN, any success stories? Ugh, I need hope.
Also, my peri stated I tested negative for all of the clotting disorders that they screen for after severe PE. She stated that I had a 50% chance of getting PE again but she feels she could get me further along in the pregnancy if I did get it. She wants to put me on daily Lovenox injections and low dose ASA as soon as I get pregnant again ( which will not be for another 6 months at least). The pathology report revealed an infarction in 10% of the placenta. Infarctions are often caused by clots but they did not detect any clots in the placenta. She stated that I may have an underlying clotting disorder that they can just not detect. Anyone out there also told that they would be on Lovenox or Heparin even after testing negative for everything? Anyone with a successful subsequent pregnancy with such a regiman? Thanks for listening and/or any input.

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