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Re : What should I be asking.... New here.

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 637671 1:10 pm
by julie f

I just wanted to say hi and welcome, Caryn has given you GREAT info!

We have a TTC Forum here for women thinking/trying/hoping to conceive after preeclampsia, you might find it an excellent resource:

From that Forum, here is a list of questions that one of our members brought in to their peri for a preconception appt.:

I wish you the best of luck and don't hesitate to let us know how we can help!

Re : What should I be asking.... New here.

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 637671 10:02 am
by caryn
Welcome to the forums, Lucy.

I don't find much in our Ask The Experts section about proteinuria without bp or diabetes except this:

But if you have had all the underlying tests, I would guess that they've already checked your kidneys, so...

There's also a recent reply from our Experts on prevention.

As I understand the current study status:
calcium doesn't lower PE rates but does cut severe maternal complication rates
antioxidants C&E don't lower PE rates but do raise risk of preterm birth and SGA babies
a daily multivitamin lowers PE rates in lean women who take one starting at preconception
aspirin may lower PE rates slightly but no one's sure yet about dosage, timing, or which population will benefit
protein doesn't lower PE rates but does raise risk of SGA babies
exercise and bedrest have insufficient data to support recommendation

And of course everyone is recommended to a prenatal and preconception folic acid. Chronic hypertensives are often recommended to a standard 2800mg sodium diet, if they are salt-sensitive.

Here's a link to the Experts answer:

Good luck, and keep us posted!

Re : What should I be asking.... New here.

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 637671 8:00 am
by sonja
Wow, I have never heard of not having the high bp. Since you have had all of the tests done for underlying conditions I just don't have much advice for you - sorry about that. Good luck to you.

I guess that my one piece of advice would be to find a Peri that you really trust!


What should I be asking.... New here.

Posted: Sun Jul 05, 637671 8:32 pm
by lucy21
My name is Lucy and I'm from Australia.
I have three beautiful/busy children aged 6,4 and 3. All three pregnancies have ended in severe PE, Me and babies in ICU/NICU and with my youngest I was hospitalised from 23 weeks and delivered at 30 weeks.
I have A-typical PE... meaning I have the headache, protein +++ and high uric acid. BUT no high blood pressure. Aparently this is very uncommon, but my high-risk ob assures me it is definately PE.
I have had every test under the sun and there is no underlying causes found.
My husband and I want more children and I have an appointment with my High-risk doctor in a few weeks to see what he thinks and what advice he has for us.
In previous pregnancies I haven't used any preventation medication such as asprin or calcium and I am in a MUCH better physical and emotional state now than I was back then.... At the time of my 3rd pregnancy I had just lost both of my husbands parents and we were renovating a house, all living in one room, getting NO sleep and was very very stressed.
I am now really fit and healthy and we would be able to financial afford for me not to work at all during next pregnancy (if there is one!!!)
The other complication is that following Flynn's delivery (in a hasty moment) I had my tubes tide, which I really regret, so if we were to go ahead, we would have to go through IVF..... Something we are prepared to do.

Can you PLEASE help me with any information/tips/suggests for possible remedies to prevent onset of PE... Also any ideas on things I should ask my specialist when I see him.

Is there anyone out there who has had several PE pregancies?
Thank you SOOOOOOO much and I hope to get some advice as I don't really know where to start.
Thank you,
Love Lucy