Advice needed re friend

This section is for discussions with other women who have probably been through the same signs/symptoms that you may be experiencing. Please note, we cannot offer medical advice and encourage members to discuss their concerns with their doctors. New members, come on in and introduce yourself!
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Re : Advice needed re friend

Postby jaxsmom » Tue Oct 06, 637671 3:42 pm

Sending many prayers and will be thinking of her and her baby...

Please update us on how she is doing if you can...

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Re : Advice needed re friend

Postby kara » Sat Sep 26, 637671 4:05 am

I've also heard 2 weeks, but that certainly doesn't apply to everyone. We've had some go many weeks. It's improtant that she has been diagnosed and hospitalized. Being that she is hospitalized they will hopefully try to get her BP under some sort of control and the bedrest may help. If she is a close friend maybe you can inquire as to her treatment and make sure they are taking care of her properly.

We will be thinking and praying for her and her baby.

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Re : Advice needed re friend

Postby anathor21 » Fri Sep 25, 637671 10:16 pm

The quote I've heard often is 2 weeks average from diagnosis to deliver, but I'm not entirely sure where it comes from... it is very hard to predict in any individual case.

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Re : Advice needed re friend

Postby sonja » Fri Sep 25, 637671 7:27 pm

There have been some great success stories around here. I can't seem to remember what the stats are as to time of diagnosis to time of delivery, but there is an average. I hope that your friend has a great Peri to work with her during this tough time. Does she know about our site? Good luck to her.


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Advice needed re friend

Postby sjs40 » Fri Sep 25, 637671 7:10 pm

You know how hard it is when you 'think' someone is showing signs of PE, especially when you have lost your own baby through this? I have a friend who has had high bp now very high, severe headache and visual disturbance and it now appears that she has protein and has been admitted. She is 23+4.

My question is - with all of that, what are her chances of being stabilised to continue with the pregnancy? Has anyone had all those symptoms and lasted more than a few days? Im very worried on her behalf right now.

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