My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

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Re : My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby kathyc » Mon Nov 23, 637671 1:52 pm


I am sorry your appointment didn't go as you hoped. It is so scary to hear odds like that. My peri gave me minimum 50% chance of another bad abruption...scared my DH to pieces too. Like you, I will almost certainly end up hospitalized at some point. Still, I can't stop my heart from longing for one more child.

At my consult with my peri last month, my biggest worry was that she would say she wouldn't even be willing to treat me after last time. I take it as a good sign that your peri is supportive of you, and taking your situation so very seriously. This is just the toughest decision, isn't it? I wish you luck.

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Re : My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby lucy21 » Mon Nov 23, 637671 12:15 pm

Thank you all SOOO much, it is comforting to know that there is someone in the world that understands my concerns !!! Although, I do wish no-one did cause that would mean none of us had these dilemas.
I agree with you Lisa, it is really hard for my husband as he was worried about me and Flynn last time, whereas all I was thinking about was Flynn.
In my heart I really feel like I can do it. I would take 28-32 weeks and stuggle through the hard parts for another child to love. I'm not unrealistic and realise the risks are there, but I also think that they are worth it. I would go through it all 100 times over again to have Flynn, and I think that is what is driving me.
Also, the thought that I haven't tried Asprin, heparin, calcium etc. and maybe, just maybe, this will be the difference.

My biggest problem is that I am a very determined person and the challenge of proving everyone wrong is part of it all too... I believe in my own body and I am SO aware of what I need to do that I think it is possible.

Lisa, My specialist is Dr. ***** who works at the **** ****** in Melbourne. He specialises in PE pregnancies and is a lovely man. I email him regularly and would be happy to ask him if he could recommend any of his collegues where you are.... Just let me know.

I think I will look into a second opinion, although I am scared it would even be worse !!

Is there anyone that has done anything else to help delay onset.... thoughts on diet, fitness, weight etc. ???????

Thanks again SOOOOO much, it is so great to get other opinions.
Love Lucy

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Re : My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby pixie323 » Mon Nov 23, 637671 12:52 am

Hi Lucy,

I was going to ask you who you saw in Australia, but then I realised that you are in Victoria, so I don't think I'll be heading down there [:(] to meet another PE Specialist. Anyway, how did you find a PE guru?? I was luckily place under a Professor when I was admitted to hospital. I found out that he was a specialist in the area post discharge from hospital (when I had access to the internet). Even though I know that I'm probably under the most appropriate person, I'm still interested in getting a choice/opinion from two specialist next time. My husband is terrified of trying again, I'm not sure when he'll be ready. But I personally am only going to try again when my husband is ready. I can't imagine what it is like for him, to go though a pregnancy with the chances of lossing me, especially when he loves me sooo much.

I agree with everyone else... maybe get a second opinion and then decide.

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Re : My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby corinne » Sun Nov 22, 637671 12:30 pm

I would get a second opinion. I think its great that he is taking this very seriously as I believe a lot of doctors don't. But you cannot really predict the future and if you feel in your heart that you really want another child I think a second opinion might help your decision.

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Re : My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby heather j » Sun Nov 22, 637671 2:20 am

I know he's the "best," but I'd still get a second (or third) opinion. Best wishes.

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Re : My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby caryn » Sun Nov 22, 637671 12:00 am


We have a new Experts response that resonates with your concerns; it's here:

Good luck in your decision-making. I agree with the idea of a second or even a third consult; I know Julie F made three appointments with top people during her search for a provider she trusted to oversee her during a subsequent PE pregnancy.

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Re : My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby missgamecock » Sat Nov 21, 637671 6:30 pm

Oh Lucy it is so disheartening when you have a discouraging consult. I know you said he is one of the best but if it were me, I would seek a second opinion. There are many who have been given the same type of news and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy. Only you can make the choice, but I would want as many opinions as possible.

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My high-risk pre-conception consult today !!

Postby lucy21 » Sat Nov 21, 637671 7:00 am

Just need to have a big sook !! Went to see my high risk ob (who is an Australian PE guru and delievered my last baby.
I went in loaded with a hundred questions about the possibility of another baby and felt really positive....How wrong I was !!!
He told me that my official diagnosis was "A-typical imminent Eclampsia" and that I am a "one of a kind" with the symptoms I presented. Although my BP was never an issue, my kidney and liver function was only borderline... I had severe neurological involvement and my placenta was, in his words "buggered".
He told me he would be supportive and assist me in having another baby if I choose too, but because I have NO underlying problems, it is difficult to do anything to improve my situation.
He suggested that if I go ahead I would be taking asprin, heparin injections and calcium from the get-go (none of which I have taken before) and he thinks these may improve things a little.
The end statistics he gave us were:
100% chance of "A-typical imminent Eclampsia" again.
100% chance of a premature baby.
100% chance of hospitatlisation prior to delivery - anything from 24 weeks onwards.
He would monitor me VERY VERY closely and is pretty positive he could elimate the risk of permanent damage to me by delivering me as soon as ANY TINY signs appeared, with no arguments, regardless of gestation (last time I begged and begged him to keep letting me go as long as possible - aparently a day longer and I wouldn't be here he told me today). OOpppss.
So risk to me is not too high in this regard he thinks.

At the end of the consult I asked for a guess of how the pregnancy would go if I went ahead.... He told me that he would guess that he could get me to 28 weeks, but no longer than 32 !! SO somewhere between there is his prediction.

My hubby walked out and said "NO WAY"... not prepared to take that risk.
I don't know what to think.... ADVICE???? COMMENTS????
Sorry this is so long, need your help.
Lucy XXX

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