Leukocytes, non-hemolyzed blood & more protein?

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Re : Leukocytes, non-hemolyzed blood & more protein?

Postby caryn » Thu Dec 03, 637671 6:16 pm

Yep, Lucy's absolutely right -- PE affects blood vessels, including the ones in the kidneys, the liver, and the brain, and since everyone has different inherent vulnerabilities everyone has different symptoms.

Protein and bp don't necessarily rise in lockstep. Or rise at all. HELLP syndrome can often present without high bp -- some HELLP patients "only" have failing livers and kidneys...

In my completely non-doc opinion, it does sound like you have a UTI, and those can cause you to spill more protein, so hopefully the antibiotics will help with that. I doubt the UTI will affect the underlying course of the PE, just because UTIs don't cause those proteins the placenta is putting out to increase, but I don't know. And albumin is actually a blood protein that's normally kept in the circulation by the filters in the kidneys, so that's what's going on there -- those filters are compromised by both PE and by the UTI, IIRC.

Hope this helps a bit.

emersons mom
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Re : Leukocytes, non-hemolyzed blood & more protein?

Postby emersons mom » Thu Dec 03, 637671 3:22 pm


my bp rose with no protein increase....then my protein rose later in pregnancy while my bp was steady...but on meds for bp......did your dr order a urine test for the uti? i was not prescribed antibiotics until they saw what grew in my urine culture.....i think they prescribed different things based on what they get from the urinalysis......I personally feel home strips in my case were useless......the dr ordered tests on me only on protocol type things...like the first bp rise before meds prescribed....then as a maintenance type discovery method.....but there were times i was spilling lots of protein on the strip and they just noted it in my chart and told me to drink more water......so please see your dr and do not hesitate to ask questions and expect answers!

Best of luck!!!

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Re : Leukocytes, non-hemolyzed blood & more protein?

Postby lucy21 » Thu Dec 03, 637671 1:19 am

Hi Tiffany,
I really don't know much about it. The only thing I do know is that BP and protein don't always go hand in hand. My BP never changed, but protein increased until delivery.
My high risk PE Specialist told me yesterday "PE is a multi-system disease and can affect the liver, kidneys, placenta, brain, and other organs - and it can effect all of these things, one of them, two of them etc." SOOOOO, in summary he said in my case my PE was focussed on my brain and placenta with little liver, kindey or BP involvement. Whereas other people may have BP, kidneys and NO brain, liver or placenta... DOes that make any sense.
My advise would be to be over cautious and if you feel unsure, keep asking until you are. THere is nothing more stressful than not understanding what is happening to you and why.
Good luck and I hope you get some answers..... How many weeks are you now?
Love Lucy

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Leukocytes, non-hemolyzed blood & more protein?

Postby lovinmycaitlynn » Wed Dec 02, 637671 5:02 pm

Maybe the average person should not be given the responsibily of interpreting Reagant strips!!! [:I]

Okay, so I guess I have a bladder infection now based on 2+ leukocytes and moderate non-hemolyzed blood in my urine. I also got 2+ protein for the first time. I have been hanging out at 1+ for a couple of weeks now.

So....my doc ordered anti-biotics based on my calling in these results. I was told that the UTI was probably the reason for the protein increase also. Does all this sound pretty legit with you guys or did any of you have these abnormal readings and it ended up being something more serious?

My bps are maininting at 130s-150s/70s-90s. No real increase. I went back to hospital last week and still had around 290 protein after a week.

Why would protein double from 28 to 30 weeks and then stay the same from 30 to 31 weeks? And, does blood pressure go up with protein levels or could bp stay the same and protein still increase? Or can bp increase and protein stay the same? Or can it all just stop increasing or go away completely (not showing any signs of going away, just curious)? Will having a UTI complicate my PE since it is messing with my kidneys too?

I am still so confused. Every moring I check and study my reagant strips and I am told to call with a 2+. The first time I get one I also get the blood and leukocytes so now I am REALLY confused. I have read that the strips only detect albumin protein so why would it detect the blood protein too?

Even if you only know one answer to all my crazy questions it would be much appreciated. I wait on pins and needles to hear what you guys have to say. I tried to go back throught the history here to find similar questions, but this may be a first in this area.[;)]

As always, you guys are so wonderful and appreciated.

God bless,


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