Headaches and anxiety

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Re : Headaches and anxiety

Postby hns » Wed Dec 16, 637671 1:52 am


You may want to investigate bruxism as well. Morning headaches, neck pain or jaw pain are associated with this sleep disorder.

Adults tend to clench rather than grind like kids do. It is quite common for women with bruxism to have neck and back pain along with headaches.

Good luck.


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Re : Headaches and anxiety

Postby lucy21 » Fri Dec 04, 637671 10:10 pm

Thank you Caryn,
You are amazing !!! I will keep "searching" for more info. and have emailed my specialist to ask him some further questions about these things.
Thanks again. Love Lucy

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Re : Headaches and anxiety

Postby caryn » Thu Dec 03, 637671 6:35 pm

Well, you said "not migraines", but:

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... med_docsum

Available evidence suggests that migraines and preeclampsia may reflect an underlying predisposition toward ischemic injury. More rigorous epidemiologic research is warranted, after consideration of several important methodologic issues.

The anxiety thing is still being studied too. Here's a very recent link:

Although they found no negative outcomes of pregnancy anxiety, the reviewers note that some outcomes thought to be linked to it, such as the likelihood of developing pre-eclampsia and of having a small for gestational age child, were not studied.

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Re : Headaches and anxiety

Postby deerhart » Thu Dec 03, 637671 4:40 pm

If the headaches your expereiencing are from tension, they are not related to PE. In PE headaches are caused by swelling in the brain. Stress is also not really related to PE. While a large amount of stress may affect PE (no one is quite sure) we do know it does not cause PE.

As for anxiety, I do not see how that would be conected in all we know about how PE starts out (its a placenta problem). Thats not to say that have an anxiety disorder can't make your PE more severe then it might have been, but its not likely to be the cause of your PE.

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Headaches and anxiety

Postby lucy21 » Thu Dec 03, 637671 10:18 am

Hi Guys,
Just a quick question... PLEASE ANSWER if you can.
I wondered if anyone know anything about the relationship between headaches when not pregnant and PE. I don't have "migranes" as such, but suffer from frequent (a few a week) bad headaches, which I attribute to tight muscles in my neck (tension).
The other thing that I wondered if it could be related is that about 12 months ago I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and put on medication. My whole life I have been a panicker/worrier and since being on medication I have "calmed down" 100 % and feel totally in control all the time. I have read conflicting reports on the link/s between both of these things... headaches and anxiety and PE.
Anyone know anything about either?
Thank you..... So much.
Love Lucy

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