PE not diagnosed

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby duchess » Fri Jan 08, 637672 3:58 pm

Thank you all so much for everything. I'm learning a lot just reading information on the boards. I'm trying to figure out my next step because at this point I'm unsure. Before I delivered I was under the care of my OB and a perinatologist. The specialist reviewed everything, but he was never able to make a determination of my condition.

It's helpful to know that others have not had the elevated levels of protien, but they were disgnosed as pre-e. I've always thought that is what happened to me, but it's just hard when you have a dozen doctors working on you and no one can come up with a solid answer.

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby hns » Thu Jan 07, 637672 9:25 am

Hello Ashley,

Sorry for your loss.

Suggest that you check out the National Institutes of Health Pubmed service and search on "sleep apnea pregnancy".

High blood pressure can be caused by sleep apnea. You indicated that you were diagnosed with it before you became pregnant and this is certainly something to check out with your doctor.

Kind regards,


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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby lucy21 » Sun Dec 27, 637671 11:04 pm

Hi Ashley. So sorry about the loss of your prescious daughter.
To me it sounds like eclampsia. I would suggest you get your records and see a specialist in this area and see what they think.
It makes is alot harder when you don't know what happened to accept it.
Take care and good luck with getting some answers.
The people here are amazing and a wealth of knowledge and I know everyone will help if they can.,

Love Lucy

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby bluebird » Sun Dec 27, 637671 10:58 pm

Hi Ashley. I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter Madison.

I don't remember what my protein was in my first pregnancy, or anyone mentioning it (I'm in the process of getting my records) but just that I had a lot of edema and HBP.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I hope you're able to get all the answers you need about what happened to you, healthwise. Best wishes to you.

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby deerhart » Sun Dec 27, 637671 12:10 pm

Welcome to the forums Ashley
I am sorry to hear about your daughter.

I too had PE/PIH without spilling any protien throguh 2 pregnancies. My ob would frequently comment that I must have kidneys made of steel because according to all my other symptoms (headaches, palpitations, seeing stars/spots, severe edema and weight gain etc..) I should have been spilling vast amounts of protein.

Even without protein (known as Pregnancy induced hypertension) your condition can be extremely dangerous and you can become very very sick. PIH carries the same risks of PE.

It took approximately 6-8 months for my BP to return to normal after my first pregnancy and almost 2 years after my second pregnancy. I also found out about 10 months after my second pregnancy that I had a blood clotting disorder that was the most likely culprit to why I got PE/PIH.

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby caryn » Sat Dec 26, 637671 1:18 pm

Welcome to the forums, Ashley. I'm so very, very sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, Madison. This disease is a remorseless thing, awfully brutal and fast sometimes.

I'm guessing they didn't have time to run a 24-hour urine test on you, since you'd already gone eclamptic (started having seizures.) Since you say that you had swelling, and since the seizures are usually caused by cranial swelling, obviously your kidneys weren't working right. It's possible that you were spilling the diagnostic level of protein but that they weren't able to run the necessary test to detect it because you progressed so suddenly. The dipstick tests are a screen only, and they're unreliable -- if you're well-hydrated, for example, you can be spilling the diagnostic level of protein over a 24-hour period, but not have it show up on a dipstick.

The current thinking with hypertensive diseases in pregnancy is that the damage to the maternal blood vessels (that causes the hbp and the kidney damage) is caused by a protein produced by the placenta. But everyone's underlying suceptibility is different. Some women react to the cranial swelling before their kidneys start to spill much protein; some women can have vastly damaged kidneys and still not start seizing. There is a variant of PE called HELLP syndrome in which neither high bp or proteinuria are required for a diagnosis -- HELLP patients present with vague symptoms like abdominal pain and nausea, because they have lowered platelets and elevated liver enzymes, because the damage happens to hit their livers first.

It's very common for the blood vessels to take some time to heal postpartum, and there are a lot of stories floating around here about women who took months to drop back to the normal range.

I know you will find good support here -- the women posting to these forums are wonderful, caring, and strong.

Again, welcome to the forums. I wish you could be here under other circumstances, but I'm glad you've found us.

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby kathyc » Wed Dec 16, 637671 6:03 pm

I am so sorry for your loss. I don't have anything to add as advice. I just want you to know you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby michellelhuston » Tue Dec 15, 637671 6:56 pm

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your little Madison. I just wanted to echo what the other girls have said. I would say that you had PE. I am not a doctor, just my experience. A peri should be able to give you a better answer. Good luck to you. Feel free to ask questions any time!

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby suz7171 » Tue Dec 15, 637671 5:22 pm

I'm so sorry about the loss of your Madison.

My peri told me just the other day that they are now considering PE as two different types. One is HBP with little protein and the other is the full-blown type with HBP, protein, adema,etc.

As daltonsmommy said, I would consult a peri and get more info.

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Re : PE not diagnosed

Postby daltonsmommy » Tue Dec 15, 637671 4:53 pm

I also had pre-e with only trace amounts of protein in my urine. My blood pressure too was very high. I think pre-e comes in many different ways for different people. There is not a set amount of symptoms that you will have. My advice is to make a consult appointment with a perinatologist to go over everything..

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