jaundice and have to go back to the hospital???

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Re : jaundice and have to go back to the hospital???

Postby sonja » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:14 am

I too had to go back to the hospital when dd was 5 days due to a number of 22 (yikes). The thought at first was that they wanted to hook up my dd to an IV to get more fluids into her to help her flush the bilirubens out, but after 5 attempts to get an IV hooked up (one in each hand, one in each foot and in her head - it was awful) they wrapped her up and said enough of that. I had a great nurse who helped me tube feed her to get the liquids in and we went home the next day. I think that they just feel that they have better control of it int he hospital and that they will know how much time they are under the lights. Good luck.


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Re : jaundice and have to go back to the hospital???

Postby halo79rn » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:08 am

my daughter went back after being home for one day... we had her appt with the ped that morning, was sent for lab work... and then that night she became lethargic, wouldn't eat, temp dropped to 94.6... she was 5 days old.. poor baby... she rushed her to the er... they did a ton of tests to make sure she wasn't septic.. but it was the jaundice (she had been under lights in the hospital before we were d/c)...
I was able to stay with her... they had trays brought to our room so I wouldn't have to leave to eat... I was able to take her out to change her and try to nurse her (we had issues and I had to pump and bottlefeed for her first 3 months before she was able)..... and I had Lactation nurses come from L&D to help me. we were there for 3 days... the bili lights for 24hr but b/c of the temp drop they had to do a infection protocol and give her antibiotics for 48 hours... In the hospital she was on the bili blanket and under a bili light... I think it 'covers' more baby than just using the bili blanket... I was to try and keep her wrapped with the blanket while we fed her.

good luck... hope it's a short trip and you baby gets over this quickly!

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Re : jaundice and have to go back to the hospital???

Postby mada » Fri Aug 18, 2006 10:56 am

My 36 weeker also had a good case of Jaundice and peeked at 20...His ped also wanted him in the hospital under the bili lights and I think because they might get more light directly under the lamps then in the blankets. I was allowed to stay with him and nurse and after 24 hours his bili number dropped to 13 and he was fine.

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jaundice and have to go back to the hospital???

Postby blythe » Fri Aug 18, 2006 08:42 am

I am very blessed that my 36weeker was so big (6pounds, 14oz!!!) and healthy, but now at 1-week old has been on bili blankets and home "suitcase lights" for the past 4 days for jaundice.

Baby Chance peaked at 19.8 before the suitcase light, down to 13.0 the day after, but rebounded up to 14.6 on the blanket. Doctor made me nearly hysterical saying "hospital" was a possiblity. Does anyone know what they would do differently in the hospital? I am **very** conscientious about keeping him under the lights at home, and frustrated that doc seems to think they could do it better... or is there more they can do in the hospital that I just don't understand?

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