Strange neurological "things" going on

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Re : Strange neurological "things" going on

Postby lucy21 » Wed Jan 20, 637672 8:50 am

Like Amy and Danielle, I don't know of any "proof", and although I haven't had any memory or "weird" stuff happen, I have been prone to LOTS of unexplained headaches since my third pregnancy. Dr's say it could be related to PE as I had lots of neurological involvement in my last pregnancy, but they can't say for sure, but my feeling is that it is in someway related.
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Re : Strange neurological "things" going on

Postby celticepona » Tue Jan 19, 637672 1:09 pm

I also have memory problems and involuntary twitching. I am currently undergoing some testing for underlying disorders and discussed this with the tech who was doing my renal ultrasound and who also knew someone with severe PE. She agreed that maybe there may be some form of possible neuropothy (sp) or neurological damage leftover from my bout with PE. I firmly beleive this myself although I have never heard of any scientific findings backing this possibilty. I have just had to learn how to live with it. My mother had PE with me over 30 years ago and says that she has endured the same and also had to learn to adapt and live with it. I hope that someday some solid research can take place to explore this possiblity.

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Re : Strange neurological "things" going on

Postby miracle3 » Fri Jan 08, 637672 7:31 am

KerBear this is something that us pe servivors have discussed many times. At this point I don't know that there is any valid proof that the "things" you have talked about come from having pe. I know there are many studies going on and they are trying to find out if it is related. I too have memory problems and I think that my memory span has gotten alot shorter. For instance if I am in the middle of doing something and I get side tracked I forget what I was doing in the first place. I have 3 children all pe survivors and I can say I didn't have this problem after I had the other 2 so I don't think it is a dummy mommy problem. I didn't have severe pe with my first 2 either, but I did with my 3rd. Sometimes I am talking and in the middle of a sentence flat out forget what I was even talking about. It is very apparent to me because my job is an online sales consultant for businesses. I often get tongue tied also. I don't know if its related and I haven't ventured to a neurologist maybe I should. I am sure there are others that have this same situation I remember us conversating about it at the recent conference. Maybe some of them will come on and give their opinion. Correct me if I am wrong everyone but as far as I know there is no medical proof as of yet.

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Strange neurological "things" going on

Postby kerbear » Fri Jan 08, 637672 2:28 am

Is there anyone out there that has noticed or felt that they are just not quite the same neurologically after PE? It has been 2yrs since I had PE but I am having strange things happening like involuntary twitching of arm and leg muscles and fingers and eyes and facial muscles. I have memory problems like never before, people keep telling me my poor memory is just from being a mom (known as "dummy Mommy syndrome"). I had an MRI done recently that showed nothing. I have an appointment with a neurologist but not until Oct (the joys of Canadian health care). I have a gut feeling that it is from the PE. Just wondering if there was anyone else that noticed the same kind of things.

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